How to get the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Quickdraw Blaster

The Jedi Survivor Quickdraw Blaster is a cosmetic collectible in the new Star Wars game, that can be obtained by solving the Rambler's Ranch puzzle.

Cal Kestis Wields the Quickdraw Blaster in Jedi Survivor alongside a large sandy-coloured wall

The Quickdraw Blaster is an item set in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Whether or not you’re using a fairly unorthodox Lightsaber stance, you might want to acquire this as it’s also a reward for solving a mini puzzle. Our guide helps you get this particular cosmetic set by solving the Rambler’s Reach puzzle. This will allow you to change how your ranged weapon looks.

The Jedi Survivor Quickdraw Blaster is just one example of a cosmetic collectible that you can find while you’re exploring. There are many others to be found in the Star Wars universe such as Blasters, weapon materials, and Cal Kestis outfits.

Where to find the Quickdraw Blaster in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Jedi Survivor Quickdraw Blaster can be found in Koboh at the Rambler’s Reach outpost. While this acts as your main hub for most of the campaign, you won’t actually be able to get the item until much later.

Still, it’s good to make a mental note of the location. Specifically, head to an area behind Doma’s Shop. You’ll see a passageway that’s filled with gunk, as well as a metal door at the top of the hill.

A map details the location of the Quickdraw Blaster puzzle at Rambler's Ranch

There are a couple of abilities that you’ll need, and these come a bit later in the campaign. The first is the Koboh Grinder, which you’ll acquire when you head to the Stone Spires, and the second is the Lift and Pull power, which you’ll receive when you’re making your way through the Lucrehulk Battleship.

How to complete the Rambler’s Reach puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Assuming you already have both of these skills, return to the Rambler’s Reach outpost. Use your lift power to open the gate before heading down below. This chamber is filled with Koboh Dust. If you spend even a few seconds surrounded by these particles, Cal will suffocate and die.

Your goal is to hop off to the opposite platform. You should see an orb in one of the small nooks. Use Force Pull to grab it, and Force Push to toss it to the pedestal. The device will fire a laser that will burn away the gunk, revealing an exit.

A purple laser fires towards an opening in the Rambler's Ranch puzzle which rewards the Quickdraw Blaster

Next, make your way to the edge of the town. You’ll notice that the laser is hitting the wall of a building. Right beside it is a shack made entirely of steel plates. Open the door and you’ll see a lot of gunk barring the way.

This time, you’ll want to activate BD-1’s Koboh Grinder so you can continuously shoot a stream of bits that will catch fire. Create a fire trail that leads to the doorway. The gunk will get melted, causing the shack to explode. Funnily enough, the treasure chest inside is undamaged. Go ahead and open it for your Quickdraw Blaster reward.

An oppening filled with purple gunk is shown which holds the Quickdraw Blaster at the end of the Rambler's Ranch puzzle.

Now that you’ve obtained the Jedi Survivor Quickdraw Blaster, why not go on the hunt for some more Blaster parts? Again, this is only a cosmetic, so you’ll only be able to change your ranged weapon’s looks while interacting with a workbench. The good news is that it’s a full set, so you’ll have all the parts. There are plenty of BD-1 cosmetics to collect in Jedi Survivor, as well as Cal Kestis cosmetics like hairstyles and beards to fully customise your look.