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How to find all Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics

It's not just our hero Cal Kestis who has great fashion choice. His droid accomplice can also be kitted out in the brightest and most stylish swag.

Cal Kestis dons a buzz cut as he searches for BD-1 cosmetics

Are you looking for all Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics? Your trusty droid doesn’t have to look like a bland tin can, since you’ll be able to change its looks. Our guide tells you how to find BD-1’s various components, as well as the materials or color palettes.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics are just one category of collectibles in the action-adventure game. Why not hunt down the latest Cal Kestis cosmetics or new and exciting traversal abilities?

How to obtain and customize BD-1 cosmetics in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics can be accessed by interacting with any workbench, such as the ones in the Mantis and Pyloon’s Saloon. There, you’ll see BD-1’s components, which includes the photoreceptor, head, audio sensor, body, and legs. There are a total of 11 component sets.

In the other tab, you’ll get to choose the materials or color palettes for the primary, secondary, and accent options. There are 20 BD-1 materials, and each paint set has five colors to choose from. Likewise, you may change each segment’s condition from shiny pristine to ruined ancient. You can mix and match accordingly to find a design that suits your droid companion. As an aside, it’s worth noting that BD-1 Materials are different from weapon materials, even if some paint sets share similar names.

A droid companion awaits new BD-1 cosmetics

There are multiple ways to obtain these items. Some require resources to be exchanged with vendors, while most can be found by opening chests. You’ll also likely need to use certain Force Powers or traversal abilities to reach and open certain chests.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics available by default or from purchases

These Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics are either available by default or are dependent on the version of the game that you purchased. Do note that the components here come as a full set already, so you’ll have all the parts.

A vendor sells new BD-1 cosmetics

Available by default:

  • BD-1
  • Assembly – You’ll pick this up in the Mantis, which leads to a tutorial on how to use the workbench.
  • Material: Starter Paint
  • Material: Starter Mix

Available if you purchase the Deluxe Edition:

  • BD-Astro
  • Rugged
  • Material: Deluxe Mix

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetics available from Zee and Datadiscs

The friendly High Republic droid, Zee, will act as a vendor in Pyloon’s Saloon a few hours into the main campaign. She’ll sell the items listed below in exchange for Datadisc collectibles.

  • Photoreceptors: Swooper
  • Head: Kaminoan
  • Audio Sensors: Swooper
  • Body: Kaminoan
  • Legs: Nocular
  • Materials: Droid Paint, Basic Metal, Textured Rubber, Hard Plastoid, and Worn Metal

A datadisc vendor sells new BD-1 cosmetics

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 Photoreceptors

On a ledge that you can grapple onto next to the Koboh – Gorge Crash Site fast travel point.

Cal Kestis opens a chest containing BD-1 cosmetics

In the Jedha Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, you’ll have to swim in a pool to get to the other side. Dive deeper to get this chest.

A dank green environment houses new BD-1 cosmetics

You’ll receive the Lift and Slam power in the Lucrehulk in Koboh’s swamps. Take the elevator heading back down to the core area to find this.

A chest is opened to reveal new BD-1 cosmetics

In Jedha – Meditation Walls, head to the upper section of the temple ruins on the right-hand side. You can use the pillars to reach a ledge.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 Heads

Past Koboh – Derelict Dam and the Trontoshell dinosaur, you’ll have to traverse an area with a Bogling. The chest is on a ledge that you can reach via zipline.

A large drop down to a suspended platform shows BD-1 cosmetics waiting

While avoiding the gunner in Koboh – Forest Array, you can enter a narrow opening that leads to a chest.

Cal Kestis overlooks an area containing BD-1 cosmetics

As you enter the Koboh – Bygone Settlement zone, you can reach the walkway at the top to open this chest.

A red chest on a ledge contains BD-1 cosmetics

From the Jedha – Meditation Walls fast travel point, go to the temple ruins to your left to find this chest.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 Audio Sensors

Found inside the first ruins that you enter while you’re avoiding the Skriton sand scorpion in Jedha.

Cal Kestis faces the player as he searches for BD-1 cosmetics

In Jedha, you’ll need to push a large stone block to reach a doorway. Take a look behind the nook where the block was originally situated.

A yellow circle in a dark room shows where to find BD-1 cosmetics

In Koboh – Mountain Ascent, there’s a ledge off to the side of the central area. You can break the barrel here by using Lift and Slam.

An open platform shows the way to more BD-1 cosmetics

In Koboh – Untamed Downs, check the Mogu Den to the side of the large rock formation. Follow the tunnel as it loops around and climb the vines to reach the exit. The chest is next to a Relter.

A treacherous cliff edge is another location for BD-1 cosmetics

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 Bodies

Check the spot with the enemies just before the Koboh – Derelict Dam fast travel point. There’s a chest down below.

A vast expanse shows new BD-1 cosmetics to be found

Just past Koboh – Nekko Pools, you’ll see a wall that separates this zone from Bygone Settlement. Double-jump off a Nekko to reach the ledge.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

As you’re making your way through the Lucrehulk’s Yurt Barracks, there’s a gap that you can cross which leads to the huts that are further down below. Instead of jumping straight ahead, jump to your right and use air dash to reach the item.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

From the Jedha – Penitent Chambers fast travel point, look above you for segments that you can use for mantling and wall-running. You’ll eventually be able to climb to the section of the temple that’s separated from the rest.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

BD-1 Legs

Found inside the Sodden Grotto just before the Rancor’s chamber. This small cave system is near the Rambler’s Reach fast travel point.

Cal Kestis uses two green lightsabers to show the way to the next BD-1 cosmetics

Found in Koboh’s Untamed Downs zone. There’s a large plateau in the center, which happens to have a metal door. Use your Electro Dart ability on the battery which is visible from the side.

A yellow circle marks the location of more BD-1 cosmetics

These are found right next to the Arid Flats travel point on Jedha.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

From the Bygone Settlement meditation point, look above you to see several metal grates and ledges that you can use. You’ll reach a platform with the Wanderer Jacket for Cal on. Return to this area once you’ve unlocked air dash and it will let you reach the metal grates without the fan blowing you off course. From there, continue to the other building and kill the enemies. A Jawa will thank you by lowering a structure. You can use Force Pull on it to cross the gap.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

Full Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 Cosmetic Sets – Ornate treasure chests

There are further, full BD-1 cosmetics sets that can be obtained via locating and opening ornate treasure chests throughout the game.

Found in Cere’s Base in Jedha. Head to the opposite wing and enter the bottom door. You’ll find it near a speeder bike.

An ornate treasure chest containing BD-1 cosmetics is circled

From Jedha – Anchorite Base head to the right and further afield until you reach Path of Persistence, a small area that’s part of the Wayfinder’s Tomb puzzle. Use the zip line to get across and then grapple on the floating balloons to leap on to a well-hidden ledge.

Head out on the search for new BD-1 cosmetics

Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 Materials and Paint Sets

As cited earlier, each material or paint set has five colors to choose from. In this section, we list down those that are found in chests.

Coruscant Paint
Check the small room during the part where Bode has to cut down a rope.

Cal Kestis looks up towards BD-1 cosmetics on a platform

Anodized Metal
In Koboh – Derelict Dam, you’ll reach a firelit chamber with an Electro Battery. You can wall run to open the chest.

Cal Kestis looks to a glowing aura showing new BD-1 cosmetics

Light Metal
Found in the base in Koboh – Hunter Quarry.

A grassy area is home to more BD-1 cosmetics

Common Plastoid
Found inside a small section of the ruins in Jedha while Cal and Merrin are looking for another path.

Cal Kestis finds more BD-1 cosmetics

Jedha Paint
Wall run to cross the gap after beating the Skriton giant scorpion.

A desert terrain houses new BD-1 cosmetics

Kashyyyk Paint
Found in Koboh – Rift Passage. You can either go here while exploring, or wait until the campaign takes you there after you’re done with the Mountain Observatory. You’ll need to shoot the battery above the chest with an Electro Dart.

A small green light marks the location of BD-1 cosmetics

Two-Tone Metal
In Koboh – Southern Reach, you’ll see a large silo with a dome that you can move using your Lift power. Traverse the interior to reach the Chamber of Fortitude. Defeat the boss, Anoth Estra, to open this chest.

Cal Kestis locates more new BD-1 cosmetics

Coated Metal
In Koboh – Southern Reach, you’ll see a small building with a Prospector and his Nekko mount. Go inside and use Lift on the grate. Down below, you’ll find this chest, along with the Coated Metal variant for your weapons.

Cal Kestis finds the coated metal BD-1 cosmetics

Unique Metal – Back at Rambler’s Reach Outpost, climb to the top of Pyloon’s Saloon using the vines. Then, glide with the Relter and land on the stables. You should be able to enter the opening and lift the grate.

More BD-1 cosmetics are located at the edge of a platform

Rebel Paint
Above the Pyloon’s Saloon docking where you’ll find the Mantis, you’ll see several floating balloons. Use your upgraded ascension cable to reach the ledge that’s closer to the saloon’s tower. Then, break open the metal barrel with Lift and Slam.

Soem BD-1 cosmetics require floating balloon traversal to reach them

Inquisitor Paint
Once you arrive at Nova Garon, enter the facility and head right. You can jump up from the narrow hallway to reach this chest.

A ledge hides BD-1 cosmetics

These are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 cosmetic items that we’ve found so far. We’ll update this guide once we discover more, so stay tuned. Don’t forget that there are other collectibles to obtain, such as Cal Kestis cosmetics, Lightsaber components, Blaster parts, and Weapon Materials.