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The KOTOR animated series is delayed but is getting a Darth Malak spin-off

The fan-made Knights of the Old Republic Unreal series has been delayed, but is getting spin-offs.

Darth Malak in the KOTOR Unreal animated series

Earlier this year we reported that one of the best Star Wars games ever, Knights of the Old Republic, was getting a fan-made Unreal 5 animated series made with Lucasfilm’s blessing. It was originally supposed to start in October but the shock reveal of a KOTOR remake has meant that the animated series is being delayed – but there are spin-offs coming first.

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic animated series is being made in Unreal 5 by the fans in Unreal Cinema, which was given the thumbs-up by Lucasfilm as long as it’s non-profit and doesn’t use footage from the movies. The big reveal back in August was the cast list and a targeted release date for the first episode of mid-October.

Clearly that didn’t happen, and in their latest video (below) Unreal Cinema confirms that “due to the announcement of the remake” and a few other factors the KOTOR Unreal series has been delayed – but they do confirm “the series will still be continuing as planned” and isn’t cancelled.

The video also reveals main villain Darth Malak and his ship, the Leviathan, as well as the news that the team is creating a short film spin-off about the Sith Lord that’s coming “in the next few weeks”. This will focus on a “turning point” in Malak’s story and will be the first of an anthology series based around KOTOR characters, with further Rogue One-style spin-offs based on Revan and Mission Vao planned.

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The one thing Unreal Cinema couldn’t share was exactly when Episode One of the Knights of the Old Republic series is coming now, but hopefully it won’t be delayed out of 2022. The KOTOR remake also doesn’t have a release date and isn’t involving original developer BioWare at all, although that’s got its own Old Republic project with the new Legacy of the Sith expansion for BioWare’s MMO coming soon.