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IPL5 is happening this weekend, and we are there

League of Legends

IPL 5 is three events, really – the GSL Code S finals, a League of Legends tournament and another StarCraft 2 tournament. It’s happening this weekend and our Rob’s going to be there, run off his feet in Vegas like Hunter S. Thompson on Amumu instead of amyls. But that’s okay – he’s doing it for you.

The whole thing kicks off at 6pm GMT / 1pm Eastern, which gives you just a little time to assimilate our previews for both Starcraft and LoL. The former is represented by top players like DreamHack champ Her0 and MLG master Leenock; the latter by world champions Taipei Assassins, MLG Fall winners Azubu Blaze and DreamHack winners Fnatic.

And then there’s Rob, covering the whole thing. Stay tuned.