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Stardew Valley mod lets you cultivate a Genshin garden

A new Stardew Valley mod ahead of update 1.6 lets you grow Genshin Impact crops in the relaxing farming game, bringing a taste of Teyvat to your farm.

Stardew Valley mod - Leah from Stardew standing in a Monstadt field from Genshin Impact

A new Stardew Valley mod allows you to bring a taste of Teyvat to the world by adding Genshin Impact crops to one of the best farming games. With the next Stardew Valley update set to further improve mod tools, there’s never been a better time to explore the best Stardew Valley mods than right now, and this simple but satisfying addition is a perfect starting point.

While farming materials in Genshin is quite satisfying, actually growing them from scratch is something that you can’t do in HoYoverse’s open-world game. Modder ‘Pre’ was disappointed by this and so, in their search for ever-more Stardew Valley crops to freshen up their farm, decided upon creating Genshin-inspired plants to grace your grounds.

The initial version of this mod begins with seven crops designed after some of the regional specialities of the starting Genshin region Monstadt. However, they say that additional crops from Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru “will definitely be done” in future updates, and that they are also considering implementing additional items such as Sango Pearls and mushrooms through the foraging system, as well as minerals via custom ore nodes.

All the currently implemented plants support NPC gifting, with likes and dislikes already implemented, and there are plans to implement custom gift reaction dialogue for some characters where it makes sense. Currently, the seeds can be bought from the Dwarf, Pierre, and Sandy, with each selling ones that best fit their theme.

Stardew Valley mod - several Genshin Impact plants growing in the top-down farming game

Here are all the crops and plants in the mod so far:

  • Anemo Dandelion (seeds sold by Dwarf)
  • Small Lamp Grass (seeds sold by Dwarf)
  • Calla Lily (seeds sold by Pierre)
  • Valberry (seeds sold by Pierre)
  • Sunsettia tree (sapling sold by Pierre)
  • Cecilia Flower (seeds sold by Sandy)
  • Windwheel Aster (seeds sold by Sandy)
  • Wolfhook (seeds sold by Sandy)

If you’re ready to start growing, check out the mod here to get started!

With Stardew Valley update 1.6 on the way, it seems like there are about to be plenty of reasons to go back to one of the most relaxing games on PC. Check out our guide to Stardew Valley multiplayer for the full lowdown on farming with friends.