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Stardew Valley dev teases adorable 1.6 feature, Terraria dev responds

ConcernedApe just teased an absolutely adorable feature that could be coming with Stardew Valley's 1.6 update, and one of Terraria's creators responded.

Stardew Valley's ConcernedApe logo atop a Terraria background showing forests and lakes

Stardew Valley occupies my heart, mind, and soul still, years following its initial release. ConcernedApe created one of the greatest games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing, and it’s about farming. The solo developer obviously has a maxed-out power level enabling him to make tending to a virtual farm so addictive, and it looks like fellow game devs would agree. Whitney ‘Cenx’ Spinks, co-creator of Terraria, responded to ConcernedApe’s recent 1.6 update teaser in the most wholesome way ever.

As if I’m not already freaking out about upcoming Stardew Valley content, I am now fangirling over two of my favorite game developers ever interacting with one another online. With the farming game‘s 1.6 update underway thanks to ConcernedApe’s long-standing dedication, Terraria’s own developer Cenx is sharing her excitement by responding to teaser posts on upcoming features.

Following the recent Stardew Valley update sneak peek showcasing a new farm type, skills, and more, ConcernedApe has once again taken to social media to give us a look at what’s to come. “Hats on cats (and dogs),” writes the Stardew dev alongside a downright adorable collage of in-game pets wearing various hats. With everything from a cowboy hat atop a terrier to a giant bow on a snoozing pupper, pets have never looked cuter.

ConcernedApe's post teasing Stardew Valley's 1.6 update, specifically hats on pets

Cenx herself agrees it seems, as her reply is just under ConcernedApe’s post. Her amusing response reads, “If you DM me the release date for 1.6, I will tell you the release date for 1.4.5.” Yep, she’s bartering by using Terraria’s own highly anticipated 1.4.5 update, and I’m honestly so here for this kind of interaction.

While ConcernedApe hasn’t replied to her just yet, I’m looking forward to it. Stardew Valley and Terraria’s updates have me more excited than any other game’s content release ever has, and the cute features coming to both games seem to be ever-expanding. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go plan a 1.6 trip to the mouse’s mysterious hat shop for my pet.

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