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Starfield just fixed one of Bethesda’s oldest minigames

Starfield patch 1.10.31 adds a massive amount of improvements to Bethesda's most recent game, a small digipick change chief among them.

Starfield 1.10.31 digipicks: Sarah Morgan from Starfield

Starfield update 1.10.31 is here, and while it introduces changes to photo mode and scanning alongside too many fixes to count, one small but incredibly impactful change has caught my eye. It all comes down to the age-old Bethesda lockpicking minigame, as you’ll now at least always have a few digipicks on hand whenever you need one.

Bethesda RPG games have almost always had some sort of lockpicking mini-game. Oblivion and Skyrim had variations on the classic breaking-and-entering method, while Fallout even added terminal hacking in tandem with the more traditional bobby pin and screwdriver approach.

Starfield traded this out for Digipicks, and while the mini-game you needed to complete to unlock doors and safes changed, it’s essentially a variation on a theme. The issue is, if you decided to undo a digipick attempt because you got it wrong, you’d lose one of your valuable items. Well, not anymore.

“We also understand that digipicks are precious,” Bethesda says in the patch notes. “So we’ve made an adjustment that allows you to Undo without the penalty cost of a digipick during the Security mini-game.”

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This is an incredibly small, but certainly welcome, change. Gone are the days of realizing you’re now out of digipicks because you got the first part of the mini-game wrong, as you can now safely undo, keep that digipick, and save it until you find some more or want to try again from scratch.

The patch also adds the ability to set facial expressions and poses in photo mode, the ability to open doors and harvest with the scanner opened, a new autosave when going from a planet’s surface to orbit, and a series of smaller bug fixes too.

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