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Starfield Shattered Space DLC release date window and latest news

Everything we know so far about the Shattered Space DLC, its release date, and what we want to see from the first Starfield story expansion.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC: Some Space trash explodes into pieces in space.

When is the Starfield Shattered Space DLC release date? Despite being one of the biggest Bethesda games ever made, the developer isn’t content with leaving it as it is, revealing that at least one expansion is on the way.

Bethesda has already confirmed the space game’s first DLC: Shattered Space. While we don’t know if there will ever be a Starfield sequel, we do know the world will be broadened with expansions, perhaps similar to Skyrim or Fallout 4’s content packs. So, what do we know about Shattered Space, the first Starfield DLC?

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Starfield Shattered Space release date window

The Shattered Space release date is set to launch in Fall 2024, as confirmed by the DLC official trailer that debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase in June.

The Starfield: Shattered Space story expansion was revealed as part of the Starfield Premium and Constellation editions, and owners of both can expect to gain access to the DLC as soon as the release date rolls around. Of course, players with the base version or playing on Game Pass can purchase the DLC separately.

Bethesda’s official end-of-year blog post includes Starfield’s 2024 update roadmap, which includes scheduled updates every six weeks to implement new content and quality-of-life improvements. Bethesda confirms that “the team is hard at work on the development of Shattered Space, our first major expansion coming next year [2024].” The statement ends: “We can’t wait to share more with you next year.”  There was no further mention of the release date during the Xbox Showcase 2024 stream.

Starfield Shattered Space DLC details

Little is known about when the Starfield: Shattered Space story expansion is set aside from being described as an “all-new adventure,” but it could also continue from any one of the multiple Starfield endings.

During the Summer Game Fest 2024 trailer, we get a glimpse at the more horror-like story where our character ventures into deep space, where abandoned facilities filled with ghost-like beings aim to drive you away from its secrets. Eventually, you find yourself in the city of Dazra, confronting House Va’ruun Starfield faction and the Great Serpent as a cosmic threat looms to destroy everything. Each one of the inhabited planets has an off, almost eldritch vibe to it, with cultists praying to their gods and disfigured goat creatures roaming the lands.

The 2023 end-of-year blog confirms that Shattered Space includes “new story content, new locations, new gear, and much more.” Given that there are already hundreds of Starfield planets to explore, “new locations” is a fascinating hook. Rather than just dumping a lot of brand-new planets, we’re instead exploring at least one new city and other built-up locations to visit, featuring new NPCs and quests.

That’s all we know about Starfield Shattered Space, but we’ll let you know when we hear more. Check out our guides on how Starfield character creation and Starfield ship building work, and get to know the Starfield companions that you can pursue in a Starfield romance. If you’re after even more, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.