AMD FSR 3 is coming to save Starfield for budget gamers

Long after the implementation of Nvidia DLSS, this AMD partner game is finally getting FSR 3, which will help with performance on older GPUs.

AMD FSR 3 coming to Starfield

If you’re still struggling to hit a stable 60fps in Starfield, the next game update looks set to be huge, if you have a graphics card compatible with AMD FSR 3. A Steam Beta is going live soon, with a full rollout planned shortly after.

Chances are, if you already have one of the best graphics cards, performance in Starfield isn’t a major concern. However, getting Bethesda’s space opera to work on older GPUs has been difficult, but AMD is here to try and save the day.

It’s been revealed that in next week’s Steam Beta update for Starfield, AMD’s upscaling and frame generation tech, FSR 3, is being added. The frame generation aspect of FSR 3 applies to those who are already getting decent performance out of Starfield. Upscaling, however, is where older AMD and Nvidia cards could see performance given a healthy boost.

According to AMD’s requirements, upscaling is supported on the Radeon RX 590 and above but is recommended for the Radeon RX 5000 series or later. For Nvidia cards, FSR 3’s upscaling is supported on the GTX 10 series or above but is recommended for the RTX 20 series or later.

There has been no shortage of Starfield mods released with the sole purpose of improving performance on PC. Even the console version of the game appears to struggle with a consistent 60fps, but FSR 3 is only coming to the PC version with no announced plans for improved console stability via the feature.

The Steam Beta window will offer a grace period for any issues to be identified and fixed before a full release. You can enter the Steam Beta by right-clicking on Starfield in your Steam library, selecting the beta option from the menu on the left-hand side, and choosing the latest beta option in the drop-down menu. You can exit a beta at any point should the performance not be stable.

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