There’s a Starfield AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU bundle on the horizon

AMD is partnering with Bethesda to bundle Starfield with its Ryzen 7000 series processors at no extra charge via retailers including Newegg.

Starfield AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU bundle: a woman looks off-screen while wearing a space suit.

An intriguing new bundle has arrived at online retailer Newegg called ‘AMD Starfield game bundle promotion store’. Details are scant at the moment, but our expert sleuth work leads us to deduce it’s a game bundle involving the videogame, Starfield, and AMD hardware. Yes, that must be it. Hot on the heels of the AMD x Starfield collaboration announcement, Bethesda and AMD strike while the iron is hot to shift some product.

The bundles, appearing on Newegg’s storefront, look set to include all Ryzen 7000 SKUs, ranging from the low-end, such as Ryzen 5 7600, to top-of-the-line CPUs like the Ryzen 9 7950X3D. But it’s not quite clear what the details and terms of the promotion actually are, as AMD’s remained tight-lipped about it thus far.

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However, it’ll likely be similar to AMD’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, where players could snatch Star Wars Jedi Survivor for free with AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs. So, expect to get a free copy of Starfield if you buy one of the CPU’s listed on Newegg’s storefront when the promotion goes live. It’s not officially launched yet so don’t go shooting off to buy one at lightspeed until you’ve heard the word from AMD.

The Starfield release date is still several weeks ago, giving AMD plenty of time to announce the bundle, so you can grab one well in advance of the game’s launch.While these processors will all be more than enough to meet the Starfield system requirements, you’ll want to ensure the rest of your rig’s shipshape and ready to blast off in style.

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