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Starfield art in stylized Arabic is straight out of Dune

This Starfield fan art shows a highly stylised Starfield Arabic font that is readable but almost unrecognisable to non-natives, and looks like a Dune font

This suspicious character looks like someone from Dune, and so does this Starfield Arabic font

While we already know a fair bit about the Starfield world, from the various factions to character backgrounds, we’re still a little clueless about how the space game will affect our own. There may be sci-fi Starfield languages that we don’t know yet, but one fan’s Starfield art of a stylised translation of the title into Arabic looks like it’s halfway there already.

User MajidAlammari on Reddit posted their concept of the main Starfield logo and poster art as translated into Arabic typography – then heavily adapted to fit the Starfield style. It reads “ستارفيلد”, and if you check it out you can see that MajidAlammari got quite creative with it. Rather cleverly, if you look closely you can see that one of the letters is even incorporated into the circle around the RPG game‘s logo.

Non-native speakers may struggle to make out the seven characters but commenters suggest it’s completely readable, despite the simplified characters. It’s certainly very cool anyway and looks very sci-fi – almost like something you’d see in Dune.

At the moment, Bethesda has not confirmed Arabic language support for Starfield, but if it does hopefully it will look as cool as this.

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