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Starfield Star Wars mods and other inevitable creations we want to see

Starfield mod support is confirmed and we expect wonderful creations. Here are the Starfield mods we need, including a Thomas spaceship and a Todd Howard moon

Planet Todd Howard looks down on a Thomas spaceship and Fallout UFO in the world of Starfield Star Wars mods

While many players may be looking forward to the likes of ship combat, character creation, or exploring the many planets, PCGamesN can’t wait to see the many wonderful Starfield mods that talented creators add to Bethesda’s latest RPG game – especially Starfield Star Wars mods.

While the game’s release date is delayed until 2023, we already know that Starfield mod support will be similar to how it was in Skyrim or Fallout 4 – extensive, in other words. With that said, here are the Starfield mods we want and need to see – from the practical to the absurd to the game-changing.

Thomas the Tank Engine spaceship

There are two things in modding that are certain – if it can be modded, it will be modded, and Thomas the Tank Engine is in everything. Sekiro, Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil, and of course Skyrim, Thomas invades everything. Why? Who knows, or cares. We’re getting a Thomas spaceship, for sure.

Co-op Multiplayer

While Starfield is an entirely single-player experience, we expect players to add something similar to the Skyrim multiplayer mod in due course. However, simply roaming around Starfield cities isn’t enough. We want to see either proper squadron combat with multiple players or, even better, having partners on the same ship – like a Millennium Falcon with two players on gun turrets or a Star Trek: Bridge Crew scenario with several players manning different stations. All power to the shields!

Starfield Bridge Crew mod

Space Walks

While we know that we can fly, fight, and customise Starfield’s ships, other than combat and docking with space stations we have no idea how much freedom we’ll have when in outer space. We may be able to stop and walk around ships or stations, but can we go outside walking in space suits? If not, there better be a mod for that.

Doom and Fallout

Starfield has the potential to reference several other Bethesda properties. While we fully expect easter eggs for games like Doom, Fallout, and Skyrim, we hope modders will create proper crossovers. We want to find out where the Fallout UFO came from. Those creepy Dead Space-like creatures? Turn them into demons from Doom. Heck, give us the alien blaster and BFG 9000 to add to the current arsenal of Starfield guns, we’ll be quite content.

Doom Pinky demon mod for Starfield
Flight Between and Across Planets

When Bethesda confirmed that ships cannot be flown seamlessly between planets and space, not all fans were happy. We have honestly no idea how much engineering or technical know-how would be required to implement such a feature, but we’re sure modders will give it a go – as well as flying ships across planet surfaces, too.

Planet Howard

Look, we just want a planet with Todd Howard’s face on it, is that so much to ask? He’s amazing, after all.

Just Star Wars everything

Starfield will possibly be the ultimate space game, so we want it tagged to the ultimate space franchise. We want to see X-Wings and TIE Fighters dogfighting, Star Destroyers eclipsing the sky, flyable Millennium Falcons and Razor Crests, pet Grogus, and frickin’ lightsabers for all the colours of the rainbow. Let players experience the power of a fully armed and operational modding community.

That’s just a few Starfield mods we’re hoping to see. For more on Bethesda’s upcoming space RPG, here’s what we know about Starfield skills and everything about the game’s factions, which should play a big part in the story.