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Starfield has “other locations” than major cities says ex-Bethesda dev

There will be many Starfield locations in Bethesda's upcoming open-world, as one former developer says it'll have smaller settlements like previous games

Starfield has "other locations" than major cities says ex-Bethesda dev: a character's headshot from Starfield taking up the screen

There will be more Starfield locations akin to towns and cities outside of the four major settlements, a former Bethesda developer on the RPG space game has clarified.

Ex-Bethesda developer Nate Purkeypile made the initial comments about the open-world game on Twitter a few months ago, after he left his studio role as a lead lighting artist. While there, Purkeypile says he worked on one of the four major cities in Starfield, Neon, and “lots of other random cities/locations.”

We caught up with Purkeypile to ask him some more questions about what he meant when saying there are more cities and locations, to which he replied:

“Probably not a surprise that there’s lots of other less major locations, kind of always the case for Bethesda Games Studios games where main cities are significantly bigger projects than lots of other locations.”

We’ve also contacted Bethesda for comment on the other settlements and cities in Starfield, and will update this article if we get a response.

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So, while there will only be four major Starfield cities, there’s also going to be a series of smaller settlements and metropolitan-type areas as well. As Purkeypile mentions, this is common for a lot of recent Bethesda games, but it’s still good to hear it straight from someone who worked on the space RPG.

Purkeypile also notes that he worked on Starfield for around a year before leaving Bethesda, and that it’s likely that a lot of the game, including parts designed by him, has changed since that time.

At present we know about three of the four major cities, which are New Atlantis, Akila, and Neon. New Atlantis is the capital of the United Colonies and headquarters of Constellation – the last group of explorers that also pushes Starfield’s main quest forward. Director Todd Howard called the city of New Atlantis “the biggest in the game and the biggest we’ve ever built – it’s kind of the capital in the game.”

Ahead of the Starfield release date next year we don’t know too much else, but we do know Starfield will be on Game Pass from day one, and we’ve put together guides on what we know about Starfield traits and Starfield ship design as well.