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All Starfield console commands and cheats

Here is every Starfield console command and cheat, including free credits, powers, max health, and god mode to make your adventure a little easier.

Starfield console commands: a human in a spacesuit and a huge mech walk side by side on an alien planet.

What are the Starfield console commands and cheats? We’ve all been guilty of it; you get to the shop and see the perfect piece of kit for your spacefarer – an absurdly large rifle that runs on the power of friendship – which can destroy entire solar systems in the blink of an eye. But what’s that? You’re short on credits. Typical. Nothing a quick console command can’t solve, though.

As mentioned in our Starfield review, this is one huge game. While it’s always advised to play games like Starfield without these advantages the first time around, we won’t judge if you want to use these console commands to instantly get the best Starfield weapons or shower your Starfield companions with your ill-gotten riches. Before you venture too far ahead, be warned that one of these commands reveals some late-game story information. Now, here’s everything you need to know about Starfield cheats, every Starfield console command, and what they do.

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How to use Starfield console commands

To open the console in Starfield press the tilde key (~) to pause the game and bring up a text box (the console). Type in one of these codes below and press enter to activate the desired console command. 

Starfield item codes

You need item codes to use some of these console commands, so to find the Starfield item code of your choice press the tilde key (~) and type ‘help’ followed by the item name. The console will return the item’s code.

What are the best Starfield console commands?

Here are the best Starfield cheats to try out:

  • kah – Kill all nearby hostile entities.
  • tcl – No clip: Toggle on and off collision to walk through the world.
  • tgm – God mode: Grants invincibility and gives infinite stamina. You can carry infinite weight.
  • player.setav carryweight [#] – Set your maximum carry weight to your chosen amount.
  • player.additem 0000000f [#] – Adds credits. E.g. ‘player.additem 0000000f 500# will give 500 credits.
  • player.additem 0000000a [#] – Adds digipicks. E.g. ‘player.additem 0000000a 10’ will grant 10 digipicks.
  • player.additem [Item ID] [#] – Adds an item to your inventory.

All Starfield console commands

Here is a full list of every Starfield cheat:

Console command Effect
tgm God mode: Grants invincibility and gives infinite stamina. You can carry infinite weight
tcl Toggles collision on or off, enabling you to walk through walls and in midair
tcai Toggles AI on or off. NPCs will cease to move or respond
tim Immortal mode: You can’t take damage. Your health can’t hit zero
tdetect NPCs no longer detect you
player.additem f [#] Adds credits. E.g. ‘player.additem f 500# will give 500 credits
player.additem a [#] Adds digipicks. E.g. ‘player.additem a 10’ will grant 10 digipicks
player.setav carryweight [#] Set your maximum carry weight to your chosen amount
player.setlevel [#] Allows you to set your own level
tm Hides the UI. Enter this code again to show it
tfc Enables free camera movement
tmm 1 Adds map markers for all locations on any planet. This cannot be removed
kill With the console open, click any NPC and enter this code to kill them. If you select a vital character, they cannot be permanently killed but become incapacitated
kah Kills all hostile NPCS around you
showhighmaxheights Shows or hides the high rest max height data
enablestorymanagerlogging Enables story manager logging
resurrect Resurrects the target character
killall Kills every enemy and NPC around you
player.additem [Item ID] [#] Adds an item to your inventory
player.placeatme [item id] [value] Spawns the specified item or creature in front of you
player.setav speedmult [#] Sets your speed. To increase movement choose any number over 100
player.setav health [#] Sets your maximum health level
sexchange Change your character’s gender and return to a default look
psb Gives you every Starfield power
unlock Unlock the targeted door or container
showmenu sleepwaitmenu Opens the pass time menu
showlooksmenu player 1 Change appearence
player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction id] Pay off all bounties for a faction
[ref id].amod [omod id] Applies the weapon mods to your weapon
[ref id].rmod [omod id] Removes weapon mods from your weapon
player.addperk [perk id] Add skills, traits, and backgrounds to your character
player.removeperk [perk id] Remove skills, traits, and backgrounds from your character
RecordScene Capture screenshots of scene
LandOnPlanet Land on a planet
TakeOffToSpace Take off
PreviewBodyResources Preview resources for a planet
SendAffinityEvent Run an affinity event
AddPower Add power
RemovePower Remove power
AddPlotToBody Plot a route to a specific body
reloadmaterials Reloads all materials
tdetect NPCs can no longer detect you in stealth mode
kah Kill all hostile NPCs
tm Toggle to UI on or off
saq Start all main story and side missions – careful, it may cause crashes
caqs Complete all main story and side missions – careful, it may cause crashes
dumppapyrusstacks [dps] Dumps Papyrus stack information to the log
dumppapyrustimers Dumps Papyrus timer registrations to the log
dumppapyrusdistanceevents Dumps Papyrus distance event registrations to the log
dumppapyruslosevents Dumps Papyrus LOS event registrations to the log
dumppapyruspersistenceinfo [dppi] Dumps everything in Papyrus persisting the reference called on, or passed
dumppapyruseventregistrations Dumps Papyrus event registrations for the object and script
runcompaction Runs a pass of compaction if possible
setsubgraphtodebug Sets subgraph to debug mode
enablerumble Toggle controller rumble on or off
havokvdbcapture Toggles Havok CDB capture
togglenavmeshinfo Toggles a view mode similar to map camera and displays navmesh information
playsyncanim Play Sync Anim
setformunknown Sets the known flag on a form
setdebugquest Sets the quest to be the only one startable from its event type
setquestaliaslogging Turn alias logging on or off
setrace Sets the passed in actor’s race
findform [find] Find a form
startpapyrusscriptprofile [startpsp] Start profiling a Papyrus script
stoppapyrusscriptprofile [stoppsp] Stop profiling a Papyrus script
startpapyrusrusformprofile [startpfp] Start profiling Papyrus scripts on a form
stoppapyrusformprofile [stoppfp] Stop profiling Papyrus scripts on a form
togglepapyrusglobalprofiler [tpgp] Toggle Papyrus global profiling on or off
printquestsceneinfo Prints to the quest information file the current state of scenes
isinvulnerable Is the actor vulnerable?
collisionmesh Toggle mesh collision info on or off
havokworldstep [hws] Toggle Bhkworld Havok step info on or off
isolaterendering Enable isolated rendering for selected object
togglewatercurrentgeometry Displays or hides water current geometry
performaction Performs the specified action on the selected actor
starttrackplayerdoors Starts tracking player-activated teleport doors
stoptrackplayerdoors Stops tracking player-activated teleport doors
checkplayerdoors Compares the tracked player path with the quest target path
setinchargen Toggles chargen mode on or off [savingdisabled] [waitingdisabled] [activationmessagedisabled]
forcereset Force the game to reset
forceclosefiles Close the master file and plugins.
hotloadplugin [hlp] Load or reload the named plugin.
generatebendablespline [spline] Generates a bendable spline geometry instance
reload [script] Reloads the Papyrus script
testaim Test an actor’s aim
testlook Test an actor’s looking
pushcamera Push camera to editor
movetoeditorcamera Move to the editor camera
movetoeditorselection Move to the editor selection
placefurnituretester [pft] Place actor who will use the selected furniture
dumpconditionsfunctions Output the current counters for condition function calls
reloadanimationgraphs Reload the currently loaded animation graphs
toggleweaponoverlay Toggle the weapon overlay on or off
forcedetect Forces the selected actor to detect the specified actor
changeanimarchetype [caa] Change the selected actor’s anim archetype
changeanimflavor Change the selected actor’s anim flavor
setangrywithplayer Set the angry with player flag
forcerepath Force the actor to repath
forcepathfailure Force the actor’s path to fail
dumpformlist Dump the contents of given formlist to the console output
traceanimationevents Trace an actor’s animation vents
showmods Show all property mods on an object
dumpinputenablelayers Dumps all currently used input enable layers to the console
attachmod Attach a mod to an object
removemod Remove a mod from an object
spawntemplatedobject Spawn a ref to a templated object
callfunction Call a Papyrus function on the targeted object
callquestfunction [cqf] Calls a Papyrus function ona  quest
callglobalfunction [cgf] Calls a global Papyrus function
resetinputenablelayer Reset all control disables on a specific input enable layer
forceenableplayercontrols [fepc] Force-enables the player’s controls regardless of layers
resetforceenabledplayercontrols Resets all force-enabled player controls
getactorrefowner Prints the owner of the currently selected reference
setactorrefowner [saro] Sets ownership of the current object to the specific actor or player
hasactorrefowner [haro] Returns 1 if the currently selected objects has an owner, or 0 otherwise
setoutfit Change the default outfit
passtime [hours] Passes the specified number of hours
linklocations Links two locations
showlinkedlocations Outputs all locations linked to the given one
setlinkedref Links the current ref to the given one
resetcontainer Resets the selected container
setscenefordebug Sets the current debug scene
preloadexterior Preloads exterior data for the current object
testpath Debug function to test a path
togglecontrolsoverlay Toggles controls overlay
refresh Rebug function to refresh
dynamicresolution Change the dynamic resolution settings
testloadingmenu Debug function to open or close the loading menu
recalcinstancedata Debug function to recalculate the instance data
togglereferencepose Toggles forcing an animgraph for the selected actor to be in the reference pose
setpersistlocation Debug function to set the persist location
setlocationreftype Debug function to set the location ref type
showlocdata Debug function to show location data
reserveloc Debug function to reserve a location
undateawakesound [uas] Update selected actor’s currently conscious loop
setharvested Mark the current reference as harvested
pausescene Pause or unpause the scene
spawndupe Make a duplicate
disabledistantreferences Disable references more than a certain distance away
fireassert Fire an assert
forcepersistent Force a reference to become persistent
playactioncamera [pac] Play this action camera on the reference
stopactioncamera Stop the action camera
changestance Change actor’s stance
auditionwwiseevent Set of commands for auditioning Wwise events
auditionreverbform Force a reverb form to be active
setwwisestate Set a global Wwise state
buildanimationdaa Build the animation data for the actor
switchskeleton Toggle between standard and chargen skeletons
gethelloorgreeting Print the info for an actor’s hello
setbonetintregion Add bone tint data to object’s 3D given a region ID of that object
senddialogueevent Send a dialogue event for the selected and target actor
setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed [1/0] Make all speech challenges automatically succeed
setforcespeechchallengealwaysfail [1/0] Make all speech challenges automatically fail
runmaterialsanalysis Compares the materials of the selected reference
capturemessages Capure debug string and user messages using a message event listener
toggletrijuice Toggle Trijuicing in the renderer
setpresentthreshold Set percentage of scanlines covered before swap threshold is hit
linkfullaccount Link full Bnet account to game account
isloggedin Is the player logged in to Bethesda.net?
getlegaldocsx Retries all legal documents
acceptlegaldoc Accepts a legal document
getdataattachment Prints data from Bethesda.net profile data attachment
deletedataattachment Deletes Bethesda.net profile data attachment
uploadcharacterdata Uploads character data playload as Bnet profile data attachment
getattachmentleaderboard Gets attachment leaderboard page
loaduniteddata Gets character data from leaderboard and caches it
makeunitynpc Updates NPC with data from unity cache
setvolumetriclighting parameters Set volumetric lighting parameters
startworkshop Enter workshop mode
togglevblankoptim Toggle VBlank optim
addkeyword Adds the given keyword
removekeyword Removes the given keyword
setambientparticlesenabled Enables or disables ambient particles
removeoutpost Removes the outpost and all built items
setesramsetup Forces specific ESRAM setup
callstacktracedepth Set the callstack depth when tracing it
commandedactivated Commands actor to use reference
enablegalaxymode Enables/disables galaxy mode
togglestarfielddebut Toggle Starfield debug on or off
setstarfieldcoordinatescale Set the Starfield coordinate scale
setstarsystemscale Sets the star system scale
movetoplanet If target player ship, move or give path to pilot to target
setorbitspeedscale Set global orbit speed scale
instancenamingrules Export instance naming rule data to file INRExport.txt
gerorbismodinfo Prints info relating to Orbis mod game data files
togglescenedebug Show debug state for scene
setfarclip Set far clip value
toggleoverdraw Toggle overdraw
recordscene Capture screenshots of scene
landonplanet Land on a planet
takeofftospace Take off to space
previewbodyresources Previews resources for a planet
sendaffinityevent Runs an affinity event on an optional object reference
addpower Add power
removepower Remove power
matlockcapture Force matlock to realize a capture
togglesnapnodemarkers Toggle snap node markers
setvoicetype Set an override voice type on an actor
addworldspacetoplanet Add world space to a planet
debugdataprovider Sets the name of the UI data provider to debug
loadall3d Load all queued 3D
printallmenus Print all active menus
printallinputcontext Print the input context stack
addplottobody Plot a route to this body
reloadfacedata Reload face data
setgravityscale Set the gravity scale
previewblock Preview block
exportterraintextures Exports terrain textures
exportterraingrids Exports terrain grids
exportterrainheightmap Export terrain height map
exportterrainmaterialindexmap Export terrain material index map
exportterrainfiles Export terrain files
updateterrainclipmaps Refresh terrain clip maps
setworkshipitem Set the workshop menu’s cursor to the currently selected reference
generatenavmesh Generates nav-mesh on the current cell
landonplanetanimated Land your spaceship with an animation
startnewgame Start a new game without the UI
forcedbleedout Force an actor to enter bleedout
landonplanetmarket Land at a marker on a selected planet
setlocaltime Sets the local time on the current planet
settestplanetandbiome Sets a test planet and biome

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