All of the Starfield guns revealed so far

Check out all of the confirmed Starfield guns spotted in Bethesda's new space RPG to find out which weapons you need to fight off pirates and aliens

Starfield guns best: a solider in a white astronaut outfit firing an assault rifle in front of an explosion

Looking for details about all the shiny, space-age Starfield guns? We’ve finally had a chance to look at some gameplay for the upcoming RPG, and it looks like you’re going to need an arsenal of sci-fi weapons on you at all times to survive across the game’s 1,000 planets. Depending on the type of planet you drop on, its alien inhabitants might be the least of your concerns. If there’s loot up for grabs, you might need to be cautious of piratical Starfield factions like the Crimson Fleet,who are trying to claim every precious resource they can get their mitts on.

Be sure to carefully consider your Starfield guns before exploring a new planet as you need to plan for the dangers ahead. You don’t have to fight against the aliens that wander around, but it’s important to come equipped with the right weapon just in case any docile creatures suddenly become aggressive.

We’ve only seen a tiny morsel of Starfield footage so far, but we’ve already spotted plenty of firearms, ranging from space punk SMGs and modded pistols, to more familiar fare like double-barrel shotguns and assault rifles. Here’s everything we know about the Starfield guns so far.

Here are the confirmed Starfield guns:

  • EON Semi-Auto Pistol
  • Grendel SMG
  • Coachman Shotgun
  • AR-99 Assault Rifle
  • Equinox Semi-Auto Rifle
  • Maelstrom SMG

Starfield guns best: the EON pistol pointing towards a space ship

EON Semi-Auto Pistol

Sporting a stock magazine that can hold 12 bullets, the EON Semi-Auto Pistol might be a strong option when your primary weapon runs out of bullets in the middle of a fight. Fortunately, this gun can be modified with a variety of attachments to make it considerably stronger later on. Depending on the Research Projects you complete, this handgun can be outfitted with a laser sight, drum magazine, and muzzle brake.

Starfield guns best: the Gradel SMG being held in a dark room

Grendel SMG

Starfield may be set in the year 2330, but the Grendel sure looks a lot like a P90. This stocky, bullpup SMG has a whopping 50 bullets per magazine, making it great for clearing rooms without having to reload. The most surprising aspect of the Grendel is its impressive recoil, typically P90s lose some of their accuracy when continuously firing, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Coachman Shotgun

The Coachman is a double-barrel Shotgun with a space-age glow up that’s perfect for checking corners. Whereas the EON Pistol and Grendel SMG require several shots to take down normal enemies, the Coachman Shotgun can blast pirates into pieces with one shell provided you’re close enough. Whether you’re aiming at the legs or the head, your opponent is going to feel the full force of a shotgun somewhere on their squishy body.

AR-99 Assault Rifle

We only caught a glimpse of the AR-99 Assault Rifle in action, but it looks like a stalwart mid-range gun in the right hands. Landing a headshot with this weapon can deal lethal damage very quickly, so this could be a great option for those who like to keep their distance and conserve ammo.

Equinox Semi-Auto Rifle

The Equinox Semi-Auto Rifle is a rare weapon located inside a locked weapon case on Kreet. This energy weapon fires white lasers at enemies, however, you need to stand still otherwise your shots can become highly inaccurate. Make sure you’re aiming down the sights using the Equinox to maximise your damage and accuracy. You can even fire lasers at enemy jetpacks to quickly score an instant kill, sending pirates flying before they explode mid-air.

Maelstrom SMG

Lightning fast, but incredibly difficult to handle, the Maelstrom SMG is a fantastic weapon if you need to lay down some suppressive fire or rush an enemy. Like with most rapid-firing SMGs, the Maelstrom’s accuracy falls to pieces when moving around or using your jetpack, but that’s why it’s got such a generous magazine capacity – you’re bound to hit something.

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That’s everything we know about the confirmed Starfield guns right now. With over 1,000 unique planets to explore, we fully expect to see dozens more weapons when the Starfield release date rolls around. Don’t forget to check out our Starfield companions guide to find out who could be joining you on your adventures through space.

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