These new Starfield habs help turn your ship into a home

Spruce up your ship with these lovely Starfield habs, blending functionality and comfort to give a more lived-in feel to the Bethesda RPG.

Starfield Habz mod - A man with a crew cut in a space suit stands in a workshop, one of the many custom habs created by modder 'robboten' for the Bethesda space RPG.

Picking the right Starfield habs can really help your ship feel like a home. Habs are the various preset layouts you can use to kit out your ship interiors and give you all manner of different looks. Obviously, with how much time you can spend on your ship in Bethesda’s space RPG, you’ll want it to feel right, and this gorgeous set of layouts courtesy of a new Starfield mod are a fantastic way to give your ship a more realistic, lived-in feel. If you’re the sort of player who spent ages on your Skyrim house or your Fallout 4 settlement, you’ll want to jump on this one.

Starfield mod Habz comes from creator ‘robboten’ and aims to help you make your best Starfield ships feel more welcoming than ever, with a thoroughly impressive roster of rooms for the space game. While the default layouts get the job done, they fall foul of a trap Starfield has a habit of brushing up against, often coming across as quite dry and functional at the expense of any real sense of personality. As ever, the community is here to help, and Habz is already primed to join the ranks of the best Starfield mods.

Along with some of the standard layout types such as the Armory, Science Lab, and Captain’s Quarters, robboten has included a few new varieties, such as Bunk Beds, Gym, and Bathroom. The best part here is how they’ve managed to neatly pack in a lot of functionality in a way that feels natural – so not only do you get access to a lot of furniture and storage options, but it also enhances that sense that people are actually spending time in your ship.

Starfield Habz - An infirmary habs design created by modder 'robboten' for the Bethesda space RPG.

I’m not alone either, as the mod is already rocketing up the ‘most downloaded’ chart. User comments remark, “This is really outstanding. You seem to have figured it out to the point where these habs feel like they’re really real and lived-in.” Another adds, “This is just so great to have – pretty much an essential mod at this point!” There’s also lots of good suggestions on the page for where to place your doors and ladders, and robboten is open to new ideas as well.

The Starfield Habz mod is out now. If you’re ready to spice up your living quarters with some cozy yet clean designs, you can head here to get it for yourself – the only prerequisite is the Plugins.txt Enabler, which is a pretty standard addition if you’re looking to do any modding anyway.

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