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Starfield dev addresses claim it’s ‘lazy’ compared to modders

Starfield patch is here in Steam beta, with a Bethesda community manager addressing why it took so long to come out since launch.

Starfield patch 1.47.9: a man with black hair and a moustache

Starfield patch is out in Steam beta finally, but some players are questioning Bethesda as to why it took so long. One commenter, in particular, asks why Bethesda is finally fixing things modders likely did ages ago, only to get an actual response from a Bethesda community manager.

This comes after the Starfield update delay, with the Steam beta for patch finally dropping with plenty of fixes. Bethesda’s community managers have been in the trenches of the update’s subreddit post, responding to commenters about future plans and, more importantly, why this update came out as and when it did for the RPG.

In a thread that starts out comparing patches to bridge building (yes, really), community manager ‘VaultOfDaedalus’ responds to the notion that modders have already “likely fixed” this stuff and that Bethesda is being “lazy” with how long it took to deliver the patch.

“Hey there, just to add some insight – official fixes and content additions have to go through lengthy certification and localization processes, especially for consoles (which is why the beta is only available for Steam users).”

Starfield patch 1.47.9: a reddit post from a Bethesda community manager

“There is also the fact that, because of this, fixes are best bundled into larger consolidated updates that target branch milestones, rather than releasing them ad hoc. It also ensures better build testing when the new code is all together.

“The team has always been and continues to be hard at work resolving many of the issues you’re all sharing, so thank you, and keep them coming!”

While yes, modders have been delivering great fixes and features on their own time, this isn’t automatically better than what Bethesda is doing. I love talking about Starfield mods and think they’ll end up being the saving grace of Bethesda’s middling space game down the line, but that doesn’t change the fact that the way the team patches the game comes with a completely different set of challenges from ‘downloading a mod.’

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That said, I’m well aware of the criticism that Starfield needing patches like this months after launch shows how its release wasn’t exactly as smooth as it could have been. It’s still good to see Bethesda addressing concerns and openly talking about how these updates are shipped though.

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