Starfield patch addresses performance issues ahead of “larger update”

Bethesda recently saw the release of its biggest RPG yet, Starfield, and has now deployed a patch focused on fixing performance issues ahead of a big update.

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Starfield is well on its way to becoming Bethesda’s most iconic release yet, currently sitting as the beloved developer’s biggest launch to date. If you’ve been exploring the game’s star systems and diverse planets, then you may have run into some bugs or performance issues here and there. Bethesda has just released its 1.7.33 update for Starfield, addressing some of those problems and fixing them ahead of a bigger planned update.

If you haven’t yet played it and are looking for a massive interstellar RPG game to immerse yourself in, then you should look toward our Starfield review to learn why Bethesda’s latest release is worth a look. With all of the features planned for future updates, the game will likely get even better over time. The latest patch, Starfield’s 1.7.33 update, brings no new gameplay content but instead a variety of performance and stability fixes.

“This update addresses some issues with performance and stability as well as a few general gameplay issues,” Bethesda writes alongside the recent Starfield patch notes. “We are continuing to work on a larger update that will add features and improvements that we noted in our last update notes.” If you missed the developer’s previous announcement on the aforementioned “larger update,” Starfield is getting a FOV slider and DLSS support.

Other upcoming additions include more options within the game’s graphics settings and new gameplay controls such as an eat button for food. For now, though, we’re getting AMD-related changes, character fixes, properly working vendors, and other more general adjustments and bug tweaks. You can check out the update fixes below.

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Starfield patch notes – 1.7.33 update – Monday, September 25, 2023

For a closer look at all of the changes coming with the 1.7.33 update, you can browse through the full Starfield patch notes on Steam, courtesy of Bethesda. You’ll also find the developer’s accompanying post there, with reference made toward the upcoming larger update.


  • Characters: Fixed an issue that could cause some characters to not be in their proper location
  • Star Stations: Fixed an issue where Star Stations would be labeled as a player-owned ship
  • Vendors: Addressed an issue that allowed for a vendor’s full inventory to be accessible


  • AMD (PC): Resolved an issue that caused star lens flares not to appear correctly on AMD GPUs
  • Graphics: Addressed an upscaling issue that could cause textures to become blurry
  • Graphics: Resolved an issue that could cause photosensitivity issues when scrolling through the inventory menu

Performance and stability

  • Hand Scanner: Addressed an issue where the Hand Scanner caused hitching
  • Various stability and performance improvements to address crashing and freezes


  • Displays: Fixed an issue that would cause displayed items to disappear when applied to in-ship mannequins
  • Displays: Fixed an issue that would cause items stored in Razorleaf Storage Containers and Weapon Racks to disappear after commandeering another ship

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