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Starfield is getting an FOV slider and DLSS support from Bethesda

Starfield's first post release update, patch 1.7.29, is here as Bethesda also promises to add an FOV slider and Nvidia DLSS support at some point soon.

Starfield patch 1.7.29: a women with short brown hair and a red and grey collared shirt of some kind

Starfield patch 1.7.29 is live in the game alongside word from Bethesda about upcoming player-requested features in the space RPG game. With Starfield mods already attempting to fill in the gaps on issues like Nvidia DLSS support and an in-game FOV slider, it’s great to see Bethesda promise to deliver these itself.

There are a lot of changes in the upcoming Starfield patch, and these are the first major ones courtesy of Bethesda Game Studios.

  • Brightness and Contrast controls
  • HDR Calibration Menu
  • FOV Slider
  • Nvidia DLSS Support (PC)
  • 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC)
  • Eat button for food!

While not outlined as part of the first Starfield patch, Bethesda says it would love to listen to feedback and make changes based on that, like adding more detailed city maps. “Our priority initially is making sure any top blocker bugs or stability issues are addressed, and adding quality-of-life features that many are asking for,” the team writes.

On top of this, Bethesda is working with Nvidia, AMD, and Intel on driver support, with stability and performance improvements coming with each patch as well.

“Additionally, we are working on our built-in mod support (Creations) that will work across all platforms similar to what we’ve done with Skyrim and Fallout 4,” Bethesda adds. “This full support is planned to launch early next year,” which we already knew.

Starfield patch 1.7.29

While we’re all waiting on the above, the first patch for Starfield is actually here and already live in 1.7.29, which makes the following changes:

Performance and Stability

  • Xbox Series X|S Improved stability related to installations.
    Various stability and performance improvements to reduce crashes and improve framerate.


  • All That Money Can Buy: Fixed an issue where player activity could result in a quest blocker.
  • Into the Unknown: Fixed an issue that could prevent the quest from appearing after the game is completed.
  • Shadows in Neon: Fixed an issue where player activity could result in a quest blocker.

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