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Long awaited Starfield story DLC coming fall 2024, says Todd Howard

The Starfield Shattered Space DLC that fans have been waiting for has a release window thanks to Todd Howard's appearance on a podcast.

Long awaited Starfield story DLC coming fall 2024, says Todd Howard: A character from Starfield looks slightly up and away from the camera in New Atlantis.

To paraphrase a certain guide to the galaxy which hitchhikers are fond of using, Starfield is big. Really big. Though to be honest it could be bigger, and areas like plot and story are where could definitely see some expansion. Thankfully, everyone has known the Shattered Space story expansion is on the way thanks to its inclusion in the premium and constellation editions for the game. Despite this, there hasn’t been much indication about exactly when that expansion will be landing.

In a chat released today with Greg ‘GameOverGreggy’ Miller for The Kinda Funny Gamescast, Bethesda Game Studios’ director Todd Howard spoke about a variety of subjects over a near hour-long discussion. At one point during the conversation the Bethesda boss revealed that the story expansion for Starfield has a release window and that we can expect this DLC to blast off for the space-based RPG game in the fall of 2024.

We don’t as of yet have much indication about what direction this DLC will take, other than it will add a slew of story stuff to the game. Many fans have speculated that it’ll revolve around delving further into House Va’ruun, the most enigmatic and compelling faction in the game, whose story in Starfield is hinted at throughout. We do know, however, that there will be new locations, gear, and more, much as we would expect with any hefty expansion. Though it’s yet to be seen if this’ll be on the scale of Skyrim’s Dragonborn or the more modest Dawnguard.

A stupidly large ship in Starfield that's almost too big for the landing pad. Its owner looks proudly on.

In addition to the fall 2024 release window for Shattered Space, Todd Howard also confirmed that there’ll be a new update for Starfield hitting beta testing on Steam within the next few days. There wasn’t much information about the content of this patch, though thanks to reporting from XboxEra we know that ship building is an area which will receive particular focus. That said, for those who endlessly get lost in New Atlantis trying to find their way around the commercial district to get a cup of coffee, Todd Howard indicated that this patch would see city maps make their long-teased appearance.

In terms of oft-requested features that are still mostly under wraps, there was a brief mention of the game’s new Creation Kit, confirming that it is still coming, and that there will be more information soon.

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If you’d like to keep up to date with everything related to this upcoming DLC, out guide to the Starfield Shattered Space release date will make sure you get what you need to know. Should you instead prefer to see your current game extended, check out our best Starfield mods guide and see what’s already capable in the game.

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