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You can fly, fight, and customize Starfield ships

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase has shown Starfield ship combat in action, with flyable ships confirmed - and ship customization too

Starfield ship customization is confirmed, and all ships are flyable with combat too

The Xbox and Bethesda showcase has finally given us our first look at Starfield ship combat. Not only are flyable ships finally confirmed, but you can also fight in them too, before landing on any planet in the RPG game. Furthermore, there will be full Starfield ship customization too when the game launches in 2023.

The first extended Starfield gameplay trailer was shown off with a lot of detail about the eagerly-anticipated space game, with nothing more exciting than the details on spaceships. Players can fully customise their own starships, including choosing their own crew members, choosing the look and layout of the vessel – yes, even the colour. These ships will all perform differently and can be both flown and taken into battles – yes, Starfield space combat is confirmed too.

“You will be able to build your own spaceships,” proudly says Bethesda head honcho Todd Howard. “There are loads of different ship modules, manufacturers, and more. It’s not just how the ship looks, it’s how it performs.” The gameplay showing revealed someone putting a spaceship together with every part customisable, complete with many options for each piece – with different stats going up or down depending on the parts that were attached, such as engines, shields, and weapon systems.

Check out the gameplay reveal below, including the sections about customisation and combat.

YouTube Thumbnail

Space combat looks particularly fun, with third and first-person cockpit views. You’ll also be able to dock with space stations and walk around in them, before heading down to any of 1,000 planets and landing anywhere you like. It looks like a truly massive game, for sure, and we can totally see why it was delayed to 2023.

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