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Starfield total conversion mod will basically be a new Star Wars game

A big Starfield Star Wars mod is transforming the Bethesda RPG into something like a new KOTOR, overhauling the Settled Systems with Stormtroopers and more.

Starfield Star Wars: A young woman, Sarah Morgan next to a Stormtrooper in Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Starfield is seemingly infinite. From the vast, explorable planets to the myriad quests and missions, the latest Bethesda RPG game is more than a match for Skyrim, Fallout, and the rest of the Elder Scrolls series. But although Starfield mods are doing an amazing job transforming the space sim so far, there’s one thing that we’re all waiting for, especially if we long for the classics like Knights of the Old Republic and the original Star Wars Battlefront games. Now, a Starfield total conversion mod is beginning to transform the Settled Systems into something more like a galaxy far, far away, and once it’s all done, it’ll feel like a whole-new Star Wars game.

Weeks after launch, you’ve likely only scratched the surface with Starfield missions. But although the base game has so, so much to offer, intrepid modders are already hard at work converting Starfield into – let’s be honest – what it was always destined to become. Enter the ‘Galactic Civil War Conversion Mod’ by ‘kboykboy.’ Still in its preliminary stages, there are big plans to expand the Starfield Star Wars mod, and plenty of others that already work perfectly in conjunction.

As it stands, Galactic Civil War turns every member of the United Colonies police into Stormtroopers. Later, all Freestar Collective and UC armors will be converted into iconic suits from Star Wars, and all weapons will become blasters, lightsabers, and more. It’s an ambitious project, but if you want more Wars in your Starfield, there are already several other mods to bring your dream to life. You can take a look at Galactic Civil War below, in a video shared by YouTuber ‘Ninja Pups.’

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‘Galactic Empire Era Name Replacer’ by ‘Mantalice’ turns NPC tags into Star Wars names. ‘United Colonies’ becomes ‘Stormtrooper.’ ‘Freestar Collective,’ becomes ‘Rebel Alliance.’ And ‘Robots’ become ‘Droids.’

The ‘Imperial Flags’ mod does something similar, replacing all United Colonies flags and banners with the logo of the Empire. There will be much, much more to come on the journey towards converting Starfield into a full Star Wars game, but these mods are the first, vital steps. You can find Galactic Civil War, and links to all of the others, right here.

Starfield Star Wars: Two Stormtroopers in a Starfield mod for Bethesda's RPG game

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