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Best Starfield weapon mods

Here are the best Starfield weapon mods, including how you can tinker with your gun with attachments to add explosive rounds and suppressors in combat.

Starfield weapon mods

What are the best Starfield weapon mods? These gun attachments can upgrade, boost, and completely change your favorite weapon or adapt your gun to fit your playstyle. Here’s everything you need to know about the types of weapon attachments in Starfield.

We’ve been playing with all the Starfield guns we can get our hands on, and while the base arsenal is entertaining, the real fun comes with customizing your own weapons. You can even give these customized beasts to your Starfield companions to defend themselves against the Starfield Crimson Fleet and all the weird and wonderful beasts the galaxy contains. The best Starfield weapon mods can only be unlocked by completing Starfield research projects – and that’s only the beginning. You also need to collect the necessary Starfield materials in order to craft them.

A look at the Brawler's Equinox, which is a gun with Starfield weapon mods attached to it.

Best Starfield weapon mods

Here are the best weapons mods in Starfield and the materials needed to craft them:

  • Muzzle Brake – Sealant x2, Titanium x2, Tungsten x3
  • High Powered – Adhesive x3, Isocentered Magnet x1, Tantalum x3, Titanium x4
  • Whitehot Rounds – Aluminum x1, Iron x1, Solvent x1
  • Large Magazine – Lead x2, Sealant x2, Tungsten x2

While every weapon mod has its use, there are some that you’ll want to aim for over others. More damage is always more useful, but we’ve prioritized accuracy over everything for the best Starfield ranged build.

Best Starfield weapon mods: a computer screen displaying all available weapon mods.

Starfield weapon mod slots

Here is every weapon mod in Starfield:

  • Amplifier – Amplifies power output, increasing damage.
  • Annihilator Rounds – Banned by almost every government, these rounds produce a disease-like effect that spreads to any target that gets too close.
  • Armor-piercing Rounds – More powerful casing can penetrate even the sturdiest armor.
  • Binary Trigger – A binary trigger allows for the weapon to fire on pull and release of the trigger for a faster fire rate.
  • Bull Barrel – A heavier barrel for increased accuracy and stability.
  • Burst Fire – Receiver that fires four rounds per trigger pull.
  • Choke – Muzzle device specially designed to reduce shotgun spread.
  • Compensator – Increases stability and hip-fire accuracy at the cost of long-range accuracy.
  • Constellation skin – A Constellation-themed cosmetic skin.
  • Depleted Uranium Rounds – Built using depleted Uranium, these rounds can penetrate any armor.
  • Drum Magazine – Vastly increased ammo capacity at the cost of both aim down sight speed and reload speed.
  • Electromagnetic Beams – Electromagnetic rounds that can disable robotic enemies and incapacitate humans.
  • EM-Charged Shot – EM-charged ballistic rounds, typically non-lethal.
  • Ergonomic Grip – A comfortable grip that helps increase accuracy and aim down sight speed.
  • Explosive Rounds  – Rounds that create small explosions in contact with any surface.
  • Flechette Rounds – Rounds that cause a bleeding effect on human enemies.
  • Focal Lens – Greatly increases accuracy.
  • Focus Nozzle – Increases damage, headshot damage, and range.
  • Fully Automatic – Receiver that fires continuously while the trigger is pulled.
  • Glow Sights – Standard issue glow sights.
  • Gut Buster Rounds – Nasty rounds that, upon firing into an enemy, explode out the back into a burst of shrapnel.
  • Hair Trigger – Installs a lighter trigger pull for increased fire rate.
  • High Powered – Increases damage done.
  • High Velocity – Internal module that increases accuracy and range.
  • Holographic Sight – Holographic sight for increased target visibility.
  • Hornet Nest – Explosive rounds explode downwards into a cluster of mini-explosions.
  • Ignition Beams – Lasers do more damage and now burn enemies.
    Iron Sights – Standard issue iron sights.
  • Large Battery – Increases ammo capacity at the cost of aim down sight speed and reload speed.
  • Large Magazine – Increases ammo capacity at the cost of aim down sight speed.
  • Laser Sight – Laser sight attachment to help with target acquisition and increase accuracy.
  • Long Barrel – Increases accuracy, recoil control, and range at the cost of aim down sight speed.
  • Long Barrel with Laser Sight – Increases ammo capacity at the cost of aim down sight speed and reload speed.
  • Magnetic Rails – Increases the rate of fire and damage at the cost of aim down sights speed.
  • Medium Magazine – Standard magazine with regular ammo capacity.
  • Medium Scope – Medium scope for 4x magnified view.
  • Muzzle Brake – Increases long-range accuracy and stability at the cost of hip-fire accuracy.
  • Old Mars Skin – A Mars-themed cosmetic skin for the Cutter, available as a Starfield pre-order bonus.
  • Overclocked – Increases rate of fire.
  • Precision Tuning – Precisely tuned to increase accuracy and range.
  • Recon Laser Sight – Marks enemies while aiming, and greatly increases accuracy.
  • Recon Scope – Marks enemies while aiming.
  • Reflex Sight – Reflex sights for quicker target acquisition and visibility.
  • Removed Cover – Reduces weight and increases aim down sight speed while lowering accuracy.
  • Semi-Automatic – Receiver that fires once per trigger pull.
  • Shock Charge Band – Electrified device that attaches an electric burst of energy to rounds passed through it.
  • Short Barrel – Increases aim down sight speed at the cost of accuracy and recoil control.
  • Short Barrel with Laser Sight – Increases aiming speed at the cost of accuracy, recoil control, and magazine size. Adds a Laser Sight.
  • Short Scope – Short scope for 2x magnified view.
  • Slug Shots – Single, large projectiles that can be fired much further and do vastly more damage.
  • Small Battery – Increases aim down sight speed and reload speed at the cost of ammo capacity.
  • Small Magazine – Smaller magazine, reduced ammo capacity but increases reload speed.
  • Standard Barrel – Standard issue barrel.
  • Stabilizing Barrel – Specialized, mag-assisted barrels vastly increase accuracy and recoil control at the cost of aim down sights speed while standing still.
  • Standard Barrel with Laser Sight – Laser sight attachment to help with target acquisition and increase accuracy.
  • Standard Battery – Standard issue magazine.
  • Standard Cover – Standard cover.
  • Standard Grip without Stock – Standard grip and removed stock.
  • Standard Magazine – Standard issue magazine.
  • Standard Muzzle – Standard issue muzzle.
  • Standard Shells – Standard issue magazine.
  • Standard Shock – Standard issue stock.
  • Stealth Lasers – Reduces the visibility and acoustic intensity of lasers.
  • Stock – A full stock for better recoil management.
  • Suppressor – Vastly reduces acoustic intensity while increasing accuracy at the cost of range.
  • Tactical Battery – Lighter mag that vastly increases aim down sight speed and reload speed.
  • Tactical Grip – A lighter grip that increases aim down sight speed, reload speed, and stability.
  • Tactical Magazine – Greatly increases reload speed.
  • Tactical Magazine – Lighter mag that vastly increases aim down sight speed and reload speed.
  • Tactical Stock – Lighter stock for quicker aim down sights speed and better stability.
  • Tech Barrel – Greatly increases accuracy, recoil control, and range at the cost of aim down sight speed.
  • Whitehot Rounds – Chemically-tipped rounds that burn on contact.

The player is looking inside a hexagonal chest and finds a legendary item filled with Starfield weapon mods.

Starfield armor mods

In addition to Starfield weapon mods, you can also craft armor mods. In addition, there is a separate pool of legendary Starfield armor mod slots that give desirable effects to your gear and usually feature in the name of the equipment.

Here are the Starfield armor mods:

  • Anti-Ballistic – -15% incoming Physical damage from ranged weapons.
  • Auto-Medic – Automatically use a Med Pack when hit and health is below 25%, once every 60 seconds.
  • Balanced Boostpack – Boostpack with balanced power output.
  • Ballistic Shielding – Increases damage resistance.
  • Basic Boostpack – Entry-level boostpack.
  • Constellation Skin – A Constellation-themed cosmetic skin.
  • EM Shielding – Increases electromagnetic resistance.
  • Emergency Aid – Administers emergency aid when health is low. Recharges a short time after use.
  • Energy Shielding – Increases energy resistance.
  • Exo Servos – Increases melee damage.
  • Explosive Shielding – Reduces damage from explosives.
  • Extra Capacity – Increases carrying capacity by 10 kilograms.
  • Gravitic Composites – Reduces detection from enemies.
  • Hacker – gives an additional two max auto attempts you can bank while hacking.
  • Hazard Protection – Increases resistance to Airborne, Thermal, Corrosive, and Radiation hazards.
  • Heavy Shielding – Increases all damage resistance.
  • Medic – Aid items restore additional health and heal more quickly.
  • Old Mars Skin –  A Mars-themed cosmetic skin, available as a Starfield pre-order bonus.
  • Optimized Servos – Reduces oxygen cost for sprinting.
  • Oxygen Reserve – +10% oxygen capacity.
  • Pocketed – Increases carrying capacity.
  • Power Boostpack – Boostpack with increased power output, ideal for navigating high-gravity environments.
  • Regeneration – Slowly regenerate health outside of combat.
  • Resources Hauler – Resources weigh 25% less.
  • Sensor Array – Increases the range for enemy detection on the compass.
  • Skip Capacity Boostpack – Boostpack with low-duration, high-intensity output, sacrificing boost height for mobility.
  • Technician – take 15% less damage from Robot enemies.

You may need to change your weapons depending on the Starfield mission, whether approaching a heavily guarded facility or fighting off the Starfield creatures lurking on different planets, and mods can be used to change your approach to each situation. You can also modify melee weapons such as axes and knives if you’re tempted by the best Starfield melee build.

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