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Steam Deck hits 10k compatible games but there are plenty more to go

Steam has reached a huge milestone, as over 10,000 games are now officially compatible on the Steam Deck just over a year since its original release.

The Steam Deck has been out for a little over a year, but in that short time frame, we’ve seen a growing number of games get Valve’s official compatibility stamp. Over the past few months, the number of Steam Deck games has increased by the thousands, but there’s still a large amount of games from Steam’s vast library that are yet to be reviewed.

Earlier this year, we reported 8,000 games being classified as compatible on the Steam Deck, but that number has toppled over the 10k mark in a mere few months. According to the SteamDB, an incredible 10,020 to be exact.

10,020 games is nothing to scoff at, especially as the Steam Deck has only been out little over a year. Major additions, such as The Last of Us Part 1, which received its official Steam Deck Verified status earlier this month, make the compatibility list an impressive cultivation of some of the best AAA games the PC has to offer.

However, with a whopping 89,818 (give or take) games in total being available on the gaming platform, that’s only 11% of the entire Steam library that are officially compatible. That said, with so many variables to consider when making a game compatible, like controller support, resolution support and text legibility, it’s no wonder why many games are yet to receive Valve’s coveted seal of approval.

To be clear, we applaud Valve’s efforts so far and look forward to seeing how quickly the company can hit another milestone. Don’t forget too, just because your favorite game hasn’t received a compatibility rating, doesn’t mean it won’t work!

With so many games now officially playable on your Steam Deck, it can be a little overwhelming to decide what to play next. You can check out our guide to the best Steam Deck games if you’re unsure, or check if your favorite game is compatible with the PC gaming handheld.