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Official Steam Deck compatible list now features over 8000 games

The Steam Deck now has 8000 Verified and Playable games, so you should be able to play more of your PC library on the handheld without hiccups.

Steam Deck on stand with Gabe Newall's face on screen

Not every game will run on Steam Deck, but Valve says 8,000 games are now officially classed as compatible. The number of games with the storefront giant’s handheld seal of approval has doubled since July 2021, and the milestone just about lines up with the portable’s release date anniversary.

Valve’s Steam Deck Verified system is far from perfect, as it’s more of a helpful heads-up than an ultimate verdict. Sure, the shiny ‘Playable’ and ‘Verified’ badges mean you shouldn’t encounter any game-breaking shenanigans, but they’re anything but a performance guarantee. That rings particularly true when pairing the portable with the best Steam Deck dock and a high-resolution monitor – a combo that could hamper the handheld’s ability to boost fps in demanding games.

Nevertheless, the official ‘Great on Deck’ list features a whopping 8,003 releases as of today, and it’s an achievement worth shouting about. For context, that’s almost double the number of games available on Nintendo Switch right now, so it’s safe to say the mighty machine has a chonky library. Recent additions to the fold include Cyberpunk 2077, a game that makes even the powerful PC builds sweat, and the new Dead Space Remake, meaning the list packs more than just indie darlings.

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Again, the Steam Deck Verified list isn’t law, and tons of adventures out there without a storefront badge will work just fine. We’ve even encountered a few ‘Unsupported’ oddities that actually play nice with the portable, with Square Enix’s Sleeping Dogs serving as a textbook example. Of course, there could be disruptive bugs and quirks lurking within any game bearing the cursed mark, so it’s worth using the system in conjunction with your own instincts.

The Deck’s Verified list will no doubt hit the 10K mark soon, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it does. Until then, we’ll be putting all the latest PC games through their portable paces, so you might want to invest in the best Steam Deck SD card to take them all with you on your travels.

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