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Is Apex Legends Steam Deck compatible?

Respawn's battle royale FPS is a perfect match for Valve's portable, earning the top rating possible, but that wasn't always the case.

Apex Legends Steam Deck compatability

Is Apex Legends Steam Deck compatible? Taking your favorite online shooters on the move might not be the optimal way to play, but it’s just so convenient and hard to pass up. Apex Legends has earned the highest possible Steam Deck compatibility rating, and its performance on Valve’s handheld is nothing short of impressive.

Performance details aside, Apex Legends takes up 75GB of storage space, which hurts if you’re yet to expand your Deck’s horizons. Adding one of the best MicroSD cards for Steam Deck to your console will fix this issue quite easily though.

Is Apex Legends Steam Deck compatible?

Yes! Apex Legends holds the highest possible Steam Deck rating of ‘Verified’ meaning it’ll work perfectly with Valve’s handheld. 

I’ve already alluded to the download size, which may be a problem for some, but overall Apex Legends runs extremely well on the Steam Deck. An internet connection is required, so your options could be limited when on the move, but once you’re connected there should be no performance issues that interrupt your experience.

For more specific performance stats, you can expect the best balance of visuals and frame rate when playing on global medium settings at 800p. Here you’ll enjoy a stable 75-80 fps, although this does drop to the high 60s when you enter combat. If you’re chasing the highest fps possible, you can drop down to global low settings and creep over the 100 fps mark quite consistently.

To earn verified status on the Steam Deck, performance is considered, and it’s very clear no issues are stopping Apex Legends from being among the best Steam Deck games currently available. Originally, the anti-cheat software in place proved difficult to overcome and caused compatability issues, but is no longer the case.

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