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Steam Deck accessory manufacturer Jsaux teases a new back cover

The Steam Deck accessory whizzes over at Jsaux have another product in the pipeline, and it looks like a transparent case in the style of your Game Boy

The Jsaux Steam Deck case teaser with red arrows pointing towards different parts

Steam Deck third-party accessory company Jsaux is teasing a new product, which could appeal to fans of older handheld consoles. The sneak peek envisions what a transparent back case would look like, and should come with a front cover to match.

A post on the Jsaux Twitter account shows a rendered image of the back of a Steam Deck with a different cover. The fact that you can see under the shell led some in the comments to suspect it’s going to be a transparent, and the company has now confirmed that’s exactly what’s in store.

Some might be disappointed that it’s not an RGB cover, particularly since Jsaux had to cancel its upcoming RGB Steam Deck dock. There’s nothing stopping modders from fitting a couple of swanky lights underneath, though.

Steam Deck mod with fan on back of shell

Since Jsaux chats about installation, this isn’t a simple protective case, but an actual replacement for the black Steam Deck shell we’re used to seeing. Another thing to note is what looks like a removable backplate to the left side above the vent, which is where many modders have attached their own fan to better cool the Steam Deck. It might just be a considerate inclusion knowing its customers well, or Jsaux might have its own cooling solutions inbound.

Jsaux is known for releasing some of the best Steam Deck dock products around, such as the Jsaux M.2. A see-through backplate could tick that nostalgia box for fans, especially those that owned an original Game Boy or Game Boy Advance once upon a time.