Steam Deck customisation menu emerges, includes startup movies

A newly unearthed Steam Deck customisation menu suggests you'll soon be able to purchase startup movies directly from Valve using your Steam Points

A Steam Deck against a purple background, with a white halo surrounding the device

A Steam Deck Customisation menu has been discovered, hidden away in the portable PC’s latest beta build. While it currently only contains references to startup movies, other changes made by Valve indicate more options may soon be available that’ll allow you to decorate the Deck just to your liking.

As showcased by FlipScreenGames, the hidden Steam Deck customisation menu can be unearthed by enabling the Valve internal developer menu. This can be accomplished by installing Decky Loader, a software mod that can also be used to find more Steam Deck compatible games.

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The appearance of this Steam Deck customisation menu more or less confirms that Steam Deck startup movies will be available to purchase with Steam Points, but there are currently none available from the store. It’s much more likely that we’ll see listings for Monkey Island and other gaming series, rather than the likes of Futurama and anything outside the space.

The discovery of the Steam Deck customisation menu also highlights changes Valve has made to the Steam Points store, with what was formerly the ‘Steam Deck Keyboards’ tab now becoming ‘Steam Deck Items’. While this acts as a more inclusive umbrella term for both keyboards and startup movies, it also hopefully opens up the possibility for custom themes and other options.

Image credit: FlipScreenGames