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Is F1 24 Steam Deck compatible?

Early compatibility is missing for the latest Formula 1 racing game on Valve's handheld gaming PC, which feels like a missed opportunity.

F1 24 steam deck

Is F1 24 Steam Deck compatible? For racing fans looking to get their fix on the go, F1 24 won’t be how you get it as it’s now officially rated as Unsupported following the inclusion of a non-compatible anti-cheat software.

Finding the best F1 24 settings for PC is a breeze, but on the best handheld gaming PC, crucial Steam Deck compatibility tools like Proton and Wine are unsupported, meaning the game simply will not start.

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Is F1 24 Steam Deck compatible?

F1 24 has been rated as Unsupported for Steam Deck due to EA’s anti-cheat solution being incompatible with Linux.

Upon attempting to boot F1 24 on Steam Deck, with or without a Proton compatibility tool enabled, I am met with the following message;

“The program encountered E111000B at 00001E83 during initialization. Wine, Proton, and Steam Deck are not supported by this application”

This message is very clear. F1 24 is not supported on Steam Deck, and unless a major update changes this, there appears to be no way around it, at least when launching directly from SteamOS. This is most likely due to a new anti-cheat being added to the game, but this has not yet been confirmed.

It should be noted that this testing was done during a small pre-release window, and if the situation changes post-release, I will be sure to retest the game and discover the best settings for playing on Valve’s portable powerhouse.

The F1 24 system requirements painted the picture of a game that would run well on the Steam Deck, but it wasn’t to be. If you want to check out the best Steam Deck games, we’ve assembled a list and tested all the games so you know they run great on Valve’s handheld.