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Hot swapping is dead, the Steam Deck just got a 2TB MicroSD

The AGI 2TB SDXC card saves you from constantly changing storage on your Steam Deck, as you can now bring big capacities to Valve's handheld

2TB MicroSD for Steam Deck

The first 2TB MicroSD has been revealed, and it’s about to make storing games on your Steam Deck a whole lot easier. AGI is behind the SDXC card that will now make it possible for MicroSD storage to match SSD capacity at 2TB. Now you’ve got no excuse for not getting through your backlog.

If you already own one of the best handheld gaming PCs in the Steam Deck, it doesn’t matter whether you went big or small with your storage choice, the chances are you’ll always need or want more. We’ve previously looked at the best MicroSD card for Steam Deck and can see the AGI taking the top spot with this new 2TB solution.

Thankfully, the end of hot-swapping your microSD cards is finally here. Named the Supreme Pro TF138 microSD V30/A2 – which is an unnecessary mouthful – this AGI card was first spotted for sale on Newegg, but has since disappeared. Its Amazon listing is also missing a price at the time of writing.

Fear not, as while it may not currently be available on any retailers, a webpage is live on the AGI website talking about the new 2TB card. It’s here that we can see the read and write speeds. Provided that a dedicated reader is being used, you can expect up to 170MB/s read speeds and 160MB/s write speeds.

If we compare that to the current overall pick on Amazon – the Lexar Play – it’s a 10MB/s increase in read speeds, but a 60MB/s increase in write speeds, so overall a better card if a dedicated reader is accessible.

Kioxia also announced a 2TB card late last year but with no news on a release date, and slower speeds reported, the AGI Supreme Pro still comes out on top.

Naturally, an SSD is still the way to go if you’re chasing the noticeable faster load times in games, but for the Steam Deck, this is far less of a concern than a desktop PC.

With the introduction of this 2TB card, it’s now possible to max your Steam Deck out at 4TB, but as you can swap out your microSD cards when you see fit, there is no hard cap on how much storage your Steam Deck can use.

What are you going to do with all that storage? Play games of course! Here are the best Steam Deck games we can recommend right now that run great on Valve’s handheld.