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Steam Deck TGS clip hints at official Genshin Impact support

Official Genshin Impact support for Steam Deck could be on the cards, as a Valve TGS 2022 snippet hints at the possibility of compatibility

Mona from Genshin Impact holding glowing Steam Deck

Genshin Impact on Steam Deck isn’t currently a thing, but a Valve TGS trailer hints it could be soon. While handheld gaming PC currently lacks official support for the action RPG, its presence within promotional material suggests official SteamOS support may be on the cards.

Shared by the YouTube channel Komodo, the Steam Deck Genshin Impact compatibility hint can be found within a few seconds of Valve TGS 2022 footage. The promotional material doesn’t outright list the open-world anime romp as playable. However, a helpful Reddit post by Bar_Har highlights a Deck within the clip proudly displaying the RPG’s storefront artwork, accompanied by handheld pals displaying other compatible games like Minecraft, Control, and Death Stranding.

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So, does this mean Genshin Impact will gain official Steam Deck support soon? Well, for that to happen, it’ll need to release on Valve’s storefront. At the moment, the only way to fetch the free RPG is by heading to the Epic Game Store or by using the game’s official launcher. The game’s inclusion within the TGS trailer is a sign that compatibility is (or was) on the table, but it’s in no way a solid confirmation of upcoming SteamOS support.

Technically, the Deck can run anything that’ll work on a regular rig. Yet, using a Genshin Impact download on Steam Deck comes with caveats, as you’ll need to disable built-in anti-cheat measures – something that may result in an account ban.

Mihoyo’s popular role-playing game could be a huge hit on the Valve handheld, especially since it’s the gaming PC scene’s answer to Breath of the Wild. Nevertheless, it’s best to wait for official support to arrive before trying to take the free-to-play adventure on the go.