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Is Monster Hunter World Steam Deck compatible?

Capcom's popular hunting franchise is due a new instalment soon, but Monster Hunter World is a great Verified Steam Deck game while you wait.

Monster Hunter World Steam Deck

Is Monster Hunter World Steam Deck compatible? A beloved Capcom series, Monster Hunter has already appeared on several handheld consoles, and its performance on the Steam Deck is a great reason to expand your hunting horizons.

As an older game, the Monster Hunter World system requirements make light work for the powerful Steam Deck, but with 52GB of free storage space needed to download it, you may want to consider one of the best MicroSD cards for Steam Deck to save having to delete other games.

Is Monster Hunter World Steam Deck compatible?

Yes! Monster Hunter World has earned the best rating possible for the Steam Deck and is ‘Verified’ by Valve, meaning it’s fully optimized and performs well.

While there may be over 13,000 games playable on the Steam Deck, Monster Hunter World is in the upper echelon of these games thanks to its verified rating.

According to Valve’s parameters, games that are verified should be expected to have the best performance and use Steam Deck iconography concerning the control scheme. This creates an experience where the game feels natural to play on a handheld device, something the Monster Hunter franchise is familiar with.

Monster Hunter World performs at a stable 60 fps on global low settings while pushing up the medium sees frames drop to around the mid-50s. As nice as it would be to go all the way to high settings, this comes at an even bigger cost to your fps, and you can expect to be sitting around 30, but this could drop when combat is initiated.

If you have a Steam Deck OLED, you’ll be able to squeeze out a stable 60 fps performance on medium settings with HDR enabled.

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