Grab a Steam Deck LCD for an unmissable price following OLED reveal

Following the reveal of the Steam Deck OLED, the LCD model got a nice price cut to help celebrate, so now is the best time to treat youself.

Steam Deck Price Cut

The Steam Deck LCD is going to face stiff competition from its shiny OLED sibling over the holiday season, but it wins in one department that is quite important to some, price.

While the Steam Deck OLED is very pretty, and may even replace the Steam Deck as one of the best PC gaming handhelds, it has to be said that at a $349 price point, the OG model is looking quite appealing right now.

If your first thought upon seeing the Steam Deck OLED announcement was ‘I hope the original gets a price cut’, it’s your lucky day. Valve has generously cut the price of the original Steam Deck 256GB model to $399 / £349.

This represents a considerable saving of around 25% which is hard to pass up. Better still, you won’t even have to wait too long to get your hands on it, as the shipping lead times are currently set at 1-2 weeks. This could, however, increase if the offer is popular.

Given that the Steam Deck OLED release date is set for November 16, there is every chance that if you order an OG Steam Deck now, you will have it before the wave of new models is in the hands of the public.

With your Steam Deck purchase, you also get a carrying case, a digital Steam profile bundle, and the 45W charger required to keep it juiced.

It’s worth noting that this price cut is currently only available directly from Valve, other retailers do not have to follow suit so make sure you aren’t overpaying.

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