Steam Deck modder gives Valve handheld an excessive upgrade

Like gaming PCs, the Steam Deck isn't free of mods and upgrades, and now someone has doubled the available RAM on Valve's handheld.

A close-up of the PCB of the Steam Deck.

Even some of the best PCs struggle with the demanding system requirements of modern games, and the Steam Deck is no different. The demands of the best Steam Deck games can leave the handheld struggling to keep up, so it’s no wonder why some have taken it upon themselves to mod the available RAM on Valve’s PC gaming handheld.

Originally posted on X (formerly Twitter), user balika011 shared their whopping 32GB RAM Steam Deck modification – a doubling of the retail unit’s 16GBs. Upgrading your PC’s RAM is often fairly straightforward, though it’s a little fiddlier with a device the size of the Steam Deck.

A screenshot of a Tweet with an orange background.

Adding extra RAM to your Deck would require you to take the device apart, solder on the RAM, and edit the BIOS to ensure the operating system acknowledges the newly acquired upgrade.

While we’re only into the second year of the Steam Deck’s lifespan, seeing balika011’s RAM mod does make me question when we’re likely to hear anything regarding a potential Steam Deck 2. The demanding Starfield system requirements, Baldur’s Gate 3 system requirements, and those of the biggest new PC games could necessitate an updated Steam Deck model down the line, with more RAM, a better battery, and even an OLED screen (we can dream, can’t we?).

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