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Steam Deck just got its first cheap and speedy 1.5TB microSD card

The new 1.5TB SanDisk Ultra looks to be the ultimate Steam Deck microSD card, costing less than $150 and boasting read speeds of 150MB/s.

A 1.5TB microSD card on the screen of a Steam Deck, with an orange background.

Even with its easily-expandable storage, it can still be difficult to install every game you want on your Steam Deck, especially as modern PC games continue to demand more storage to contain their huge worlds. Thankfully, this brand-new 1.5TB SanDisk Ultra microSD may help solve our handheld woes, in addition to providing fast read speeds, and not hurting our wallets too much.

The Steam Deck isn’t alone in its battle against the seemingly ever-increasing storage demands of games, with some of the other handheld gaming PCs similarly struggling. However, the likes of the ASUS ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go are available with 1TB drives out of the box, while Valve’s portable PC tops out at 512GB, making it more reliant on microSD cards as a result.

This is where the new SanDisk Ultra microSD card comes in, offering a hefty 1.5TB of storage to download whatever Steam Deck game your heart desires. It’s fast too, with read speeds of 150MB/s, and much more affordable than similarly specced competition, at $149.99 / £148.99.

For context, that’s near-enough space to install Baldur’s Gate 3 ten times over. Naturally, microSD cards are of the biggest benefit to owners of the 64GB and 256GB Steam Deck, greatly expanding their storage capabilities and outright unlocking the ability to play games like BG3 on the former. As such, the 1.5 TB SanDisk Ultra microSD card is a welcome addition to the ecosystem surrounding Valve’s handheld.

The 1.5TB SanDisk Ultra microSD card is available directly from Western Digital, for $149.99 / £148.99. We expect it to become more widely available from other retailers in the coming weeks.

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