New SNES-style Steam Deck dock is perfect for all handheld gamers

GuliKit, a company known for its unique gamepads and accessories, is showcasing a brand-new Steam Deck dock at Gamescom, and it may the best-looking yet.

An image of the GuliKit Steam Deck dock.

One of the best things about the Steam Deck is that it’s capable of playing some of the best PC games on the go and there exists a myriad of available accessories for the PC gaming handheld. This latest accessory, from GuliKit, may take the prize as being one of the best-looking Steam Deck docks on the market.

The docking station doesn’t yet have a name, but it’s perhaps worthy of being considered for inclusion in our best Steam Deck docks list for its novel design alone. The dock is comprised of a gray and purple color scheme, in what’s evidently a homage to the NTSC version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Whether you’re a fan of Nintendo, or handhelds as a whole, this dock would surely look the part in any Steam Deck setup.

While I’m more privy to the PAL design of the SNES, mainly as that’s the one I grew up with, I can’t under-emphasize how much I love the design. Better yet, this dock contains a 4K 60Hz output, three USB 3.0 ports, and four hidden card slots, and is also compatible with not just the Valve handheld but the ASUS ROG Ally, Nintendo Switch, and the Ayaneo PC gaming handhelds too.

The SNES-inspired Steam Deck dock isn’t the only accessory GuliKit has up its sleeve. Its brand-new gamepad features swappable back buttons, two Gpower CPUs allowing for a 1000Hz polling rate for wired connections, magnetic motors and triggers, and RGP lights. The gamepad doesn’t appear to take after the SNES, but its gray color scheme matches up with the dock pretty nicely.

Currently, the Steam Deck dock and the new gamepad are on display at Gamescom. If you’re already at the annual trade show, you’ll have the opportunity to see both accessories in person; however, those of us not lucky enough to attend will just have to admire the images instead. As it stands, GuliKit’s business director, Jack He, hasn’t yet announced any release dates for either accessory. I’d recommend following the official Twitter page to find out when you’d be able to purchase the dock or the gamepad for yourself.

If a SNES-inspired design isn’t for you, check out the best Steam Deck accessories, and you may just find a dock that’s better suited to your interests. Check out the best Steam Deck skins if your PC gaming handheld is in need of a makeover instead.