Best Steam Deck dock 2023

We've tested the best Steam Deck dock options, and our list includes the official Valve docking station and alternatives by Jsaux, Belkin, and Anker.

Best Steam Deck dock 2023: Steam Deck next to Jsaux and Valve docking stations with mascot face on screen

What is the best Steam Deck dock? A docking station can transform Valve’s handheld into a hybrid gaming PC, whether you’re looking for a desktop replacement, a console alternative, or just a fancy way to charge your device in style. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that are compatible with the portable powerhouse, and they come with everything you need to hook up a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and more to the handheld PC.

To help you assemble an arsenal of the best Steam Deck accessories, we’ve tested the best Steam Deck dock options available in 2023. Whether you’re looking to create a Steam Deck TV experience or you require a dinky desktop replacement to fit inside the best Steam Deck cases when traveling, our picks cater to a variety of setup needs.

Here are the best Steam Deck dock options in 2023:

Best Steam Deck dock: Jsaux docking station with connected handheld PC on white desk

1. JSAUX Steam Deck Dock

The best Steam Deck dock overall is the JSAUX Steam Deck dock.

JSAUX Steam Deck dock specs:

USB ports 2
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI Port 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Great valve
  • 4K 60fps
  • 100W Power Delivery


  • Would benefit from extra USB ports
  • Questionable Ethernet placement

Few Deck docks actually cradle Valve’s baby gaming PC, which is where JSAUX’s flattering imitation of the official version shines. Its solid metal construction and gunmetal finish help provide a premium feel, and it’ll blend in perfectly with minimalist desk setups.

Equipped with HDMI, two USB A ports, and Ethernet, the JSAUX dock makes transforming the handheld into a gaming PC easy. 100W power delivery also means keeping the portable powerhouse charged while providing your gaming keyboard and external SSD with juice.

Valve’s Steam Deck dock may wield more ports and higher specs, but we are quite impressed with the company getting its foot in the door ahead of Valve  – not to mention it commands a much lower asking price.

If you need something that’s on par with the real deal that still costs less, you could opt instead for JSAUX’s HB0702 model. There’s even a bundle that includes a 45W power adapter, and it’s still cheaper than the official docking station.

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2. Anker USB-C Hub

The best cheap Steam Deck dock is the Anker USB-C Hub.

Anker USB-C Hub specs:

USB ports 3
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet No


  • Three USB ports
  • 100W power delivery


  • Design hinders cable management
  • No Ethernet

Anker’s USB-C Hub is cheap, but it holds up against the top Steam Deck docks on the market. This option crams two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and an SD card slot into a wallet-sized device, and it even includes Power Delivery 3.0 support.

Sadly, the Anker USB-C hub lacks Ethernet, so you’ll have to make do with Steam Deck Wi-Fi. Not exactly a deal breaker, but if you rely on wires to get online, you may have to come up with a workaround.

Despite its size, Anker’s ant-sized solution boasts power delivery, and it’ll provide 100W to connected devices. Just like Jsuax’s dock, you’ll have to either use the power adapter included with the Deck or buy another, providing you don’t already have one stowed away.

Valve’s official version costs a lot more than this cheap and cheerful alternative, and Anker’s hub will play nice with other USB-C devices. That said, its dongle design might bother enthusiasts that prioritize desk cable management, especially since its short USB-C cables make it harder to tuck away out of sight.

Top view of Jsuax Steam Deck dock with M.2 cover in view

3. JSAUX M.2 Steam Deck dock

The best Steam Deck SSD dock is the JSAUX M.2 Steam Deck dock.

JSAUX M.2. Steam Deck dock specs:

USB ports 2
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Pricey compared to basic model
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Impressive SSD abilities


  • Ethernet port is still on the side
  • SSD support isn’t plug-and-play

The JSAUX M.2 dock is a souped-up version of the company’s original accessory, as it boasts built-in NVMe SSD support. While you’ll need to pay substantially more for the new dock’s solid-state superpowers, this heavy hitter hub actually only costs $40 USB more than the official Valve version.

Sure, you could just either buy the best Steam Deck SD card or pair the portable with an external drive, but JSAUX’s all-in-one solution helps the handheld feel like a proper desktop PC. Being able to access up to 4TB of storage by simply plugging in the dock is an undeniable boon, and it’ll save you from endlessly deleting and redownloading Steam games.

Of course, the JSAUX isn’t just the best external SSD contender, as it provides the portable with 4K HDMI output, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and two USB ports. Admittedly, an extra USB port would go a long way, but that’s forgivable this time around given the dock’s built-in SSD slot.

The JSAUX M.2 dock won’t be to everyone’s tastes, especially if you’re just looking to hook up to the best gaming monitor. However, if you’re looking to transform the Steam Deck into a cheap gaming PC, this SSD docking station should do the trick.

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Best Steam Deck docking station: the Syntech 6-in-1 docking station. Image shows it on a tabletop alongside its box.

4. Syntech 6-in-1 docking station

The best curved Steam Deck dock.

Syntech 6-in-1 docking station specs:

USB ports 3 x USB-A 3.0, 1 x USB-C 3.0
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI Port 1
Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet


  • Compact curved designed
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some ports can be harder to access
  • Slightly blocks the Steam Deck fan intake

Need a curved Steam Deck dock to fit into a little nook in your gaming space? Look no further than the Synthtech 6-in-1 Steam Deck Docking Station. An option that is as compact and portable as it is affordable.

While it’ll no doubt be the best choice for a number of setups, the curved design can actually be a slightly double-edged sword. What we mean is that because the ports are on the curved side, some of them are easier to access than they would be on a rectangular counterpart, but also some of them are slightly more awkward to access.

It also partially obstructs the Steam Deck’s fan intake, but aside from that, there’s very little to critique. It has a lot of ports, which makes us happy, and essentially does all the same things as the official Steam Deck dock, and all at about half the price. It’s hard to say no to that.

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Best Steam Deck dock: Belkin USB-C hub against a white background5. Belkin USB-C Hub

The best versatile Steam Deck dock is the Belkin USB-C Hub.

Belkin USB-C Hub specs:

USB ports 3
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Nice wedge shape to place Deck
  • Expansive IO


  • Quite large
  • Built with laptops in mind

Belkin’s USB-C Hub is clearly built with laptops in mind, but its wedge-shaped design could cater to Steam Deck desk setups. Placing the handheld on the dock’s rubberized surface simulates the look of an official product while somewhat concealing any connected cables.

Speaking of connectivity, Belkin’s angular dock features an impressive array of ports, including three USB-A connections, HDMI, Displayport 1.2, and support for both MicroSD and full-sized SD cards.

You could argue that while Belkin’s bruiser of a hub caters more to laptops, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, you might want to invest in the best gaming laptop down the line and integrate it with your desktop setup.

Admittedly, if you’re just looking to enjoy some Steam Deck games at your desk, this hub is overkill, but it could still help you squeeze every drop of functionality out of your new handheld PC.

Best Steam Deck dock: Valve's official docking station with USB-C connection and ports showing

6. Valve Steam Deck Docking Station

The official Steam Deck dock is the Valve Steam Deck Docking Station.

Valve Steam Deck Docking Station specs:

USB ports 3
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Designed with Steam Deck in mind
  • Better specs than alternatives
  • SteamOS firmware updates


  • Expensive

The Valve Steam Deck Docking Station is one of the priciest docks we’ve tried, but it’s actually got more going for it than you’d think. If you’re not a fan of third-party solutions, the official accessory will deliver in terms of quality and functionality, and it feels like a perfect premium fit for the portable.

Unlike other options out there, the Valve Steam Deck dock is made of the same high-quality plastic as the handheld PC itself. It also cradles the baby PC with love, as subtle design elements like its lip sit flush against the portable’s base. That’s not to say other docks by the likes of JSAUX fail in this regard, but we’d argue that the official docking station feels tailor-made for Valve’s device.

In addition, you’ll be able to easily update the official docking station’s firmware using SteamOS, rather than having to connect it to a Windows PC. That boon alone makes the dock feel more like a natural extension of the handheld, something that ultimately helps it feel more like a hybrid on par with the Nintendo Switch.

If you’re hung up about the dock’s high price, it’s worth noting that the package includes an additional USB-C charger. While there’s a Jsuax model that offers a similar setup for a bit less, the extra power adapter will save you from disconnecting wires when you want to go adventuring with your Deck.

We can’t stress enough that even opting for an official Steam Deck dock won’t provide a performance lift. There’s nothing inside a docking station that’ll enhance the portable’s native abilities, and plugging one in won’t boost fps.

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Steam Deck dock: Anker USB C hub adapter on white backdrop

7. Anker USB-C Hub Adapter

The best Steam Deck dock for travel is the Anker USB-C Hub Adapter.

Anker USB-C Hub Adapter Specs:

USB ports 3
Power Delivery 65W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Extremely compacted
  • Includes three USB ports


  • Power delivery capped at 65W
  • Inputs not on one side (looks messy)

Anker’s USB-C Hub Adapter blurs the line between dongle and dock, but its compact size doesn’t completely compromise its functionality.

It might take up as much room as a chocolate bar, but it boasts three USB 3.0 ports paired with HDMI, and Ethernet, providing you with everything you need to use the Steam Deck with other devices. The dinky dongle even features Power Delivery, so you won’t have to rely on the Steam Deck’s built-in battery.

the biggest drawback with Anker’s tiny hub is connectivity, as it trades all but one full-sized USB for USB-C. This won’t be a problem for everyone, especially if you’ve already switched to the new port, but having to fetch adapters for older peripherals is potentially too much of a faff.

You’re going to want to use Anker’s travel-sized hub with a cradle unless you’re planning to use it like a chunky controller that connects to your TV.  Naturally, this will mean parting with even more hard-earned pennies, but it’ll help improve your experience tenfold while venturing away from your gaming PC setup.

Steam, Deck dock: Invzi USB C dock on white backdrop

8. Invzi Docking Station

The best discrete Steam Deck dock is the Invzi Docking Station.

Invzi Docking Station specs:

USB ports 3
Power Delivery 100W x 2, 30W x 1
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes


  • Conceals cables away from desk
  • Extra USB-C power delivery ports


  • Need to be plugged into an outlet
  • Expensive

Docking stations usually sit proudly on top of your workspace, and they traditionally cradle your connected device. However, the Invzi Docking Station deliberately stays away from your desk setup by plugging straight into a wall power socket.

Aesthetically, this hub looks almost like a big phone charger, but it’s equipped with HDMI, Ethernet, and three power delivery USB-C ports. Again, keeping the dock away from your desk will ultimately help you manage cables, especially if you’ve already got a rig living on your surface.

Invzi’s Steam Deck compatible dock plug thing only comes with one USB A port, so you’ll need to use an additional hub if you want to hook up your keyboard and mouse. While this would usually hamper desk cable management, the fact that this device is effectively a wall plug means you can confine it to the realm under your desk, something that should prevent any spaghetti monsters from reaching your surface.

Steam Deck connected to dock wearing party hat surrounded by confetti

How we chose the best Steam Deck docks

At PCGamesN, we’re seasoned gamers and hardware experts. Partially, we were able to put together this list by comparing our own personal experiences with a number of different docking stations. That aside, we used the following criteria to inform our decisions, and we recommend looking at similar points when choosing one for yourself:

  • Pricing: You could go all-out and get an expensive option, like the official dock from Valve. However, while that might give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got a well-optimized bit of hardware that will always be compatible, it’s not going to be such a good choice for anyone on a tighter budget. Many of the cheaper options can do everything the official dock can do, so we included a few reliable budget options too.
  • Ports: Got lots of accessories that you want to have plugged in while you have your Steam Deck docked? Look out for the number of ports. We’ve used three as a kind of middle-of-the-road benchmark here (though we’ve included a couple with two) and while you can definitely find options with even more, we don’t think many people are going to need more than four.
  • Portability: Do you travel around a lot and like to dock your Deck wherever you go? If so, you’ll want a small, compact dock that can easily fit inside your bag. Meanwhile, those with a fairly small gaming space will want to ensure that they get something compact that won’t clutter it too much. We’ve tried to include a nice selection of small but powerful docks here.
  • Compatibility: Obviously, Valve knows the Steam Deck better than any other manufacturer. While there are many third-party docks out there on the internet, some of them might have issues with Steam Decks not fitting in properly, blocking cooling vents, and so forth. We’ve not included anything with any severe compatibility options, and we advise you to research thoroughly before considering any third-party options not on this list. They are cheaper, but if you’re not careful, they’ll come with a different kind of cost.

Read our how we test page to find out more about how we put these lists together. Any more unanswered questions? Read the FAQs below:

Can you dock the Steam Deck like a Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can dock the Steam Deck, and compatible accessories work a lot like the Nintendo Switch docking station. However, rather than using a connector at the bottom of a cradle, Steam Deck docks feature a built-in USB C cable that provides the handheld with power and arms it with HDMI output and USB connectivity.

Does a Steam Deck dock improve performance?

No, using a docking station won’t improve Steam Deck performance, as it only provides power, video output, and USB connectivity. In fact, you could actually struggle to boost fps when using a monitor or a TV, as external displays will use a higher resolution than the handheld’s built-in screen.

Not bought your Steam Deck yet? Read our Steam Deck prices guide for information on where to get one at the cheapest price. Our guide on the best microSD card for Steam Deck will also be worth reading if you want to make sure you’ve got enough storage space.