Steam Deck update makes adding custom boot screens a breeze

The latest Steam Deck beta update adds official support for custom boot videos, and Valve appears to be loving the community's personalised startup screens

Steam Deck with custom Neo Geo style boot screen and purple backdrop

Custom Steam Deck boot videos are all the rage, and Valve’s latest beta update makes it even easier to use your own start screen. The newest patch also addresses quirks with startup haptics, and additional resolution tweaks should help players pair the portable with a monitor.

In newly published Steam Deck beta update notes, Valve says it’s “great to see all the community activity around custom boot videos.” To support modders and enthusiasts in their personalised intro endeavours, the gaming PC giant has created a specific folder for boot videos in SteamOS – something that’ll protect the files from deletion after system updates.

Fantastic Steam Deck boot clips are already making the rounds online, but Valve’s latest patch should help novice users inject their personality into the portable. Sure, you could take this as an opportunity to turn your Deck into a risque X-rated site reference, but projects like this Star Wars boot screen are more of a tribute than a gag.

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Believe it or not, there’s a whole community that’s dedicated to Steam Deck boot videos over on Reddit. So, if you’re looking to transform your handheld into a clever homage to your favourite game, movie, or TV show, that’s where you should be headed. My personal picks include a niche, but nifty, Neo Geo splash screen and a slick Stranger Things-inspired intro, but the selection extends beyond the realm of retro nostalgia.

Start screen shenanigans aside, Valve’s latest update packs another fix for preview channel users. Players can now use a toggle to activate automatic resolution settings, an improvement that’ll benefit anyone that uses the best Steam Deck dock and a high-resolution monitor.

It’s worth noting that the latest patch is classed as a “small update,” so we’ll likely see larger tweaks that pave the way for the official Steam Deck dock. Valve says we’ll hear more about its in-house accessory soon, but alternatives by the like of Jsaux are helping fill the void.