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Steam Summer Sale day 3: the best deals

Steam Summer Sale Day 3

Run Lara, run! It’s day three of the Steam Summer Sale, and our mighty lord GabeN has set his sights on the complete collection of Tomb Raider games. But that’s not all: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is on sale, as well as the superb nautical rogue-like, Sunless Sea.

Here’s my best deals of today’s sales – but only if you can run fast!

Daily Deals:

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a proper good Lord of the Rings game, and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was a great interruption. You’re Talion, a ranger who was brutally murdered, only to be resurrected part wraith. Naturally, revenge is on your mind – but to get it, you’ll need to use wraith powers to control Uruks. There’s a fantastic Nemesis system too, which allows the baddest of the baddies to grow and gain power, while remembering all your previous encounters. It was our Fraser’s best game of last year. You should pick it up with its 50 percent discount for £14.99/$24.99.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Ever wanted to put yourself amidst those epic battles of old, carrying nothing but a sword & board? Well, it’s your lucky day. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare lets you besiege castles and raid villages, all in the name of whatever colour your team is representing. There’s an impressive collection of weapons to chose from, plus a very convincing dismemberment system to demonstrate their deadliness. It’s easily hours of fun, and at 90 percent off, £1.89/$2.49 makes it a no brainer.

Sunless Sea

I’ve actually not played Sunless Sea, but my flatmate and fellow PCGamesN writer, Fraser Brown has. During his playthrough, he was constantly keen to show me the mysterious rogue-like that’s set in the universe of Fallen London. Sunless Sea is also one of the few games that’s earned a 10/10 in our review. At 40 percent off – a measly £8.39/$11.39 – it’s pretty hard to turn down a game of such high praise after reading Fraser’s review.

Flash Sales:

Tomb Raider

If you’re still to see the origins of Lara Croft, then now is a brilliant time to pick up Tomb Raider. It’s the most successful game of the series’ history, and for a very good reason: it’s lovely. It’s not the Lara you’re maybe used to: she’s young and inexperienced, but she proves that she can take quite the beating in her latest adventure. It’s also a very pretty game, but runs quite well on a range of PC specs. You can snatch it at 80 percent off at £2.99/$3.99, but I’d recommend picking up the GOTY edition for just a little bit more at £4.99/$5.99.

But if you want to delve back into the deep history of Tomb Raider, you can pick up the Tomb Raider Collection – every Tomb Raider game that has ever graced the PC, for only £11.99/$15.99.

Lethal League

Think Pong, but turn it up to eleven. Lethal League is you, versus 1-3 other players, all batting an anti-gravity ball until it reaches unbelievable speeds. Get hit by the ball on your opponent’s swing, and you’re out. Each hit of the ball makes it go faster and faster, until it just becomes a blur on the screen. But some how, players out there can continue to hit it, to which it becomes this intense anticipation of “who’s going to fuck it up first?”. It has a slew of unique characters, each sporting their own abilities, and it’s got a really catchy soundtrack too. at 66 percent off, you’d be mad to not catch this for £3.39/$4.75.