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Two of 2023’s best games get big discounts in Capcom Steam sale

Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6 both get big discounts in Capcom’s The Game Awards Steam sale, with up to 87% off other hits.

Street Fighter 6 - LIly Hawk winks to camera with a beaming smile.

Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6 prove that Capcom is still right on top of its game, with the pair being among the best games of the year by many metrics. In a new Steam sale celebrating The Game Awards, where SF6 took home the best fighting game award and RE4 Remake was a nominee for the top prize, both games are given spectacular discounts, making it a great time to grab them cheap. There’s also plenty more deals to be found, including several Monster Hunter games ahead of its newly announced installment.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is a serious contender for Capcom’s best remake to date, which is quite an achievement for a company that loves to revisit its old games and is, by all accounts, rather good at modernizing them. A spectacular action-adventure game that manages to encapsulate all the essential beats of the original while simultaneously feeling like a fresh, new experience, RE4 Remake is a worthy contender for the best PC games released this year.

If you’ve yet to check it out for yourself, you can now do so at a deep discount. Resident Evil 4 Remake is 50% off on Steam until Thursday December 21, so expect to pay just $29.99 / £24.99 for your copy. There’s plenty more deals on the series too, with the eighth mainline entry Resident Evil Village at 60% off and its predecessor Resident Evil Biohazard at a whopping 74% off.

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Meanwhile, our Street Fighter 6 review calls it “the first Street Fighter game in a long time where it feels like players of all skill levels are welcome.” One of the best fighting games I’ve played in a while, SF6 takes a series that can often feel intimidating to get into and completely revolutionizes its approachability with the new modern control setting, which gives newcomers a way in without putting long-time veterans at a disadvantage.

With its robust, ridiculous World Tour mode, there’s even plenty to enjoy about the game without even getting into the multiplayer side of things. Street Fighter 6 is 34% off on Steam until Thursday December 21, meaning you’ll pay just $39.59 / £32.99 for your copy. There’s also 50% off Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition, 67% off the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that’s packed with classics, and an incredible 87% off Ultra Street Fighter 4, a personal all-time favorite of mine and one of the best 2D fighters ever.

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If the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds has you curious about Capcom’s long-running series of RPG games, there’s 67% off Monster Hunter World, a game that completely sold me on the format and quickly grew to become one of my very favorite games of all time. You can also get the same discount on its Master Edition, which includes the Iceborne expansion, while the port of the also-great Nintendo Switch entry Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion is 50% off.

There’s even more deals to be found in the full Capcom Game Awards sale, like 60% off Onimusha, 70% off Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and 60% off Devil May Cry 5. So if you’re in the mood to pick up some new games for the holiday break, you’ll be very well sorted here.

Alternatively, save yourself even more cash and have a look through the best free Steam games, which might be worthwhile if you’ve got your eyes on some of the biggest and best upcoming games ahead of us as we move into 2024.

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