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Frontier Steam sale offers top strategy and management games for cheap

The Frontier Steam sale offers many cheap games, from management sims like Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution 2 to Elite Dangerous and Deliver Us Mars.

Frontier Steam sale - a T-Rex opens its mouth in a wide roar after smashing through a wall in Jurassic World Evolution 2

We love games here at PCGamesN (the clue’s in the name), and we love great deals on cheap games even more. They’re a great way to snap up some games you might have missed, and a Frontier Steam sale taking place right now has fantastic offers on some of the best management games in the publisher’s catalogue such as Jurassic World Evolution 2, along with some other top games such as Elite Dangerous and Deliver Us Mars.

Welcome… to Jurassic Park. Words we’ve all said at one time or another – but we all know how the story goes. But if we were in charge, things would have gone better, right? Prove your worth as the manager of the ultimate dinosaur park with 75% off Jurassic World Evolution 2, making it just $14.99 USD / £12.49 GBP to get started. You can also get the full Dominion bundle with the dinosaur game and both expansions for 66% off ($33.97 / £27.60).

If you can’t get enough of park management sims, Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster are both 75% off as well. That means you’re looking at $11.24 / £8.74 for Planet Zoo if you fancy creating the ideal wildlife enclosure, or $11.24 / £7.49 for Planet Coaster if building the thrill ride for the ages sounds more up your street. If that’s your bag, there’s also 65% off the iconic Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 complete edition, at just $6.99 / £5.24.

Warhammer 40k fans will find plenty to love in turn-based strategy game Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. At 50% off for the regular game ($22.49 / £17.49), Castellan Champion edition ($27.49 / £22.49), and Grand Master edition ($37.77 / £30.93), now’s a great time to take charge of your elite squad of Grey Knight Daemonhunters and clear out the forces of Chaos.

Perhaps that’s all a bit too chaotic for your tastes, but no worries. Elite Dangerous, the open-world space game that lets you buy or build up your own ship and explore a vast galaxy, mapping out various worlds, ferrying rare resources, fighting pirates, transporting or rescuing other intergalactic travellers… The list goes on. At 75% off ($7.49 / £4.99), exploring the Milky Way in its entirety is now about the cost of a bag of MilkyWays (that’s what we call a 3 Musketeers, for those of you in the US).

Frontier Steam sale - a large ship leaves a station in Elite Dangerous

There’s plenty more to explore in the Frontier sale, too. Recently released sci-fi adventure game Deliver Us Mars is 25% off ($22.49 / £18.74), emotional post-apocalyptic journey Far: Changing Tides is 65% off ($6.99 / £5.24), and unsettling cartoon body horror co-op game Struggling is 65% off ($5.24 / £4.19).

There’s even more to discover in the full Frontier sale, so head over to the Steam page to check out all the deals. Most of them end on April 15, but a few finish a couple of days earlier – so if you see something you like, you might want to move fast to grab the best price possible.

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