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This White x Gold keyboard is beautiful, but only 250 are being made

SteelSeries is back with another limited edition Apex Pro Mini gaming keyboard, but a huge price tag looks to turn most gamers away.

Steelseries White x Gold gaming keyboard

We love a good limited edition keyboard, and SteelSeries once again provides the good with this White x Gold design that adds style and class to any gaming setup. Better still, SteelSeries is once again using the Apex Mini Pro as the product, so the quality on display is incredible. The catch? It’s $379.99.

Despite its smaller form factor, the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini is one of the best gaming keyboards on the market today. Its Omnipoint mechanical switches offer responsiveness that can challenge even the speediest optical competitors.

It wasn’t that long ago that SteelSeries launched the Ghost version of the Apex Pro Mini, with 250 units also being made for that limited edition. But seven days later the product was still live before the last one was sold. I imagine we could be in for a similar if not longer wait here as the price is likely too much for many interested parties to overcome.

Steelseries White x Gold apex pro mini keyboard

This White x Gold design has clearly proven more popular, as there is no end of gamers requesting that SteelSeries put one up for grabs in a giveaway, but then again, a $380 price point is more than most are willing to spend on their entire peripheral setup, let alone just the keyboard.

It’s notable that SteelSeries, despite the limited nature of these keyboards, still chose to send some out to influencers, which immediately reduced the number that went live to the general public. Then again if a popular personality is showing off the product, it could convert some onlookers into customers.

Admittedly, in comparison to the translucent Ghost design, the White x Gold is, visually, far more appealing. The added detail of having it numbered out of 250 is also something that catches a collector’s eye.

The White x Gold, just like the Ghost before it, is only available in North America. Steelseries rarely give much notice when a limited edition product like this is about to go live, and often you need to keep an eye out for a post to social media one day before it goes live.

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