Stormgate is a new RTS game from ex Blizzard and StarCraft devs

Stormgate is a new RTS game from ex Blizzard and StarCraft devs that aims to push the genre into new directions while pleasing long-time fans of the genre

Stormgate, new RTS game from ex Starcraft devs

Stormgate is a brand new free-to-play RTS game from Frost Giant Studios, a group of ex Blizzard and StarCraft devs that includes “three player open-ended co-op” as well as 3-on-3 multiplayer matches. The game is built in Unreal Engine 5 and is very evocative of Blizzard’s beloved StarCraft strategy game series. Players who are interested can register now for a 2023 beta.

The announcement trailer shows a human researcher talking to a small robot drone, who is scanning environments to create holographic reconstructions of several statues and other structures. As the hologram is formed, shards of metal fly together and form a large shield with a crystal in the centre, but as the shield is picked up a large winged demon flies in and attacks the researcher. At the last moment, a mech suit with a jetpack flies in and unloads a hail of bullets into the demon, before firing off a final missile salvo and carrying the researcher off into the sky.

Production developer Tim Morten describes the titular Stormgates as “portals that open during massive solar storms that unleash the infernal host on future Earth.” He and his team previously worked on StarCraft II, deciding to move on from Blizzard when it seemed unlikely that StarCraft 3 was going to happen any time soon.

Stormgate currently features two factions, humans and aliens, with a third planned to come at some point in the future – which would line up nicely with StarCraft’s trio of the human-like Terrans, cyber aliens the Protoss, and bug-like hive mind the Zerg.

Stormgate is a free to play game, though Morten was quick to state that the team was adamant about not including NFTs, and that players will never have to pay “to remove nuisances or gain an advantage.” Frost Giant also hopes to make RTS games more approachable to a general audience with Stormgate by lowering the skill floor without diminishing the potential skill ceiling of high-level play.

You can check out the trailer below:

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