How to get the Stray worker jacket and hat and break into the factory

In order to sneak into the factory and steal the atomic battery for Clementine, you’ll need the Stray worker jacket and hat as part of a clever disguise

Stray worker jacket: The orange tabby sat on a stool in the bar in Midtown with a robot in a rice hat on his left and a robot concealed in a cloak on his right, with the bartender wearing a tuxedo hat serving behind the bar.

Clueless on where to get the Stray worker jacket and hat? In order to break into the factory and steal the atomic battery for Clementine, you’ll have to enlist the help of Blazer. Unfortunately, Blazer’s bomber jacket and gold chain are quite distinctive, and they’ll need a disguise before they can escort you inside.

Blazer’s disguise is split into two parts: the Stray worker jacket and hat, which you need to locate and steal – cats don’t carry money, after all. Midtown is the metropolitan cyberpunk heart of the Walled City, and key items can be missed amongst the hustle and bustle. Thankfully, the Stray worker jacket and hat are both hidden in plain sight, but orchestrating the means to steal them both is easier said than done.

Stray worker jacket: Three mannequins in the window of the clothing shop in Midtown, two of which are wearing puffer jackets in yellow and green while the centre mannequin is sporting the red hi-viz worker jacket.

Destroy the CCTV cameras and grab the cassette tape

As you might expect, you can’t just walk in and nab the Stray worker jacket while Ozi, the grumpy shopkeeper, is standing guard. This calls for a distraction, and the enormous boom box in the changing rooms at the back of the shop presents the perfect opportunity. It’s empty for the moment, but there’s a group of robots in Midtown that can help with that.

You can find the three unhappy robots loitering in the lobby of the residence. There’s a pile of cassette tapes at Simon’s feet, but you won’t be allowed to grab one until you destroy the three CCTV cameras that are installed throughout the residence.

The first is easy to spot – Miko is waving his arms and shouting at it – while the second is positioned directly opposite. You can reach both of these from the railing of the first floor. The third CCTV camera is a little trickier to find as it’s on the second floor, above the door by the stairs. To reach it, jump onto the shelf below the line of potted plants against the wall.

Stray worker jacket: The location of the third CCTV camera on the second floor of the residence in Midtown, positioned above a door by a shelf of potted plants.

In order to destroy each CCTV camera, you’ll need to jump on them and then off again to see them immediately fall to the ground. Once all three CCTV cameras are destroyed, return to Simon to receive the cassette tape.

Steal the Stray worker jacket from the clothing shop

With the cassette tape in hand (or should that be paw?), you can begin your plan to steal the Stray worker jacket. Return to the clothing shop and insert the cassette tape into the boombox – if you’re wearing headphones, brace yourself for some extremely heavy bass.

Stray worker jacket: The boombox sat on a table by a leather couch in the changing rooms of the clothing shop in Midtown

Ozi will be forced to enter the changing rooms to switch off the boombox, leaving you free to slip past him and nab the Stray worker jacket from the shop window. By the time Ozi has killed the music, you’ll be long gone.

Steal the Stray worker hat from the hat shop

Next, make the short trek to the hat shop located in Midtown’s main square, just opposite the clothing shop. Like the worker jacket, you’ll be able to spot the Stray worker hat displayed in the window, but the shop’s owner won’t allow you to enter while the hats are being restocked.

Unfortunately, one of the delivery bots is absent, and you won’t be gaining entry to the hat shop until you hunt them down. Speak to Oskoor and they’ll grumble about their partner, Stuplachee, slacking off at the bar.

Stray worker hat: The orange tabby on the shelf in the back room of the bar in Midtown, about to push a crate of beer onto a drunken robot in order to wake him up.

Head to the bar to find Stuplachee in the back room, slumped over a table in a drunken stupor. You can’t interact with them while they’re unconscious, so turn your attention to reaching the crate of beer on the shelf above them instead. After a few nudges with your paw, the whole crate eventually falls, jolting them awake.

Follow Stuplachee back to the hat shop, and seize the opportunity to hop into the cardboard box on the ground while they’re busy apologising to Oskoor. Once the two robots have finished arguing, Stuplachee picks up the box and carries it inside the hat shop.

Stray worker hat: The delivery robot in a yellow high-viz vest, carrying a cardboard box with the eponymous Stray inside

Hop out of the box after Stuplachee’s set it down on the floor, and from there you can easily steal the Stray worker hat from the window display.

You can leave the hat shop via the metal grate on the left-hand side – simply knock over the stick that’s blocking it to creep under the delivery van and back onto the street. From there, make your way back to Blazer and get ready to enter the factory.

That concludes our guide on how to get the Stray worker jacket and hat. By this point in Stray, The Slums are far behind you, but why not check out our guides for the most optimal way to break into the Super Spirit laundromat and get the Stray poncho to help you easily secure Stray’s ‘I Am Speed’ achievements. Alternatively, have a read through our Stray review to discover how we found playing as a little cat in the big city.