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Street Fighter 6 Canary Crate Gang boss location

You won’t be able to progress from the 3-2 quest chain unless you track down the Canary Crate Gang boss location in Street Fighter 6.

A World Tour avatar looking at the Canary Crate Gang boss wearing an empty box as a helmet

What is the Canary Crate Gang boss location in Street Fighter 6? Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode is filled with a cast of weird gang members looking to dominate Metro City. The Mad Gear Gang runs Metro City, but gangs like the Crows and the Canary Crate Gang are also looking to get in on the criminal action.

You can spot members of the Canary Crate Gang lurking around Chinatown in Street Fighter 6 wearing blank cardboard boxes on their heads as helmets. There are a few moments during the fighting game where you need to find this NPC, so we’ve highlighted everything you need to find the Street Fighter 6 Canary Crate Gang boss location.

Canary Crate Gang boss location

The first time you’re asked to track down the Canary Crate Gang boss is in Chapter 2-2: Canary Crate Crackdown. Though the purple marker on the map appears to be pointing toward a shop on the ground level, it’s actually on the edge of a rooftop. There’s a ladder on the other side of the building, adjacent to the purple marker.

Climb the first ladder and you should find a large sign blocking your path that reads “Chinese Food Restaurant”. Break this sign using your Spinning Bird Kick master action, opening the path to another ladder – climb it to find Boluo, the Canary Crate Gang boss. This request also occurs in Chapter 3-3: The Search for the Bag, but this time you won’t have to break the sign again.

Counterfeiter Leonardo location

The second half of Chapter 3-3: The Search for the Bag asks you to find Counterfeiter Leonardo to recreate Bosch’s stolen bag. Again, the purple marker for this quest is misleading. Find the purple marker and walk around the building to find an alleyway sandwiched between Beat Street Coffee and Blizt Steak. Run down the alley and turn right to find another ladder, climb that and head to your right to find Counterfeiter Leonardo next to a red bike.

That’s all you need to track down the Canary Crate Gang boss and Counterfeiter Leonardo in Street Fighter 6. Fun fact, you can unlock Jamie’s moveset by heading to the same roof as Boluo after you meet him in-game. Check out our World Tour character locations guide to discover where to find all the mentors and the World Tour upgrades locations guide to boost your avatar’s stats permanently. We also have a guide to help you find Thrasher’s location if you haven’t managed to find him during your World Tour adventure. Finally, we have the Street Fighter 6 tier list if you fancy a change of pace by going online or heading into the Fighting Hub.