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All Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades

Every one of the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades you can use to permanently increase your custom character’s base stats to keep you in the fight longer.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades - the player character, made up entirely of gold and looking like a knockoff Oscar award trophy, is sitting with their legs crossed and hands outstretched.

Where are all of the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades? Once enemies start hitting you significantly harder than you can damage them in World Tour, that means it’s time to level up and seek out upgrades. One reason for this is that you need to complete sidequests or find hidden caches to get permanent upgrade items, which increase your health, the power of your punches, kicks, unique moves and throws, and even your blocking ability.

In order to gain an advantage in the fighting game’s single-player mode, you need to go hunting for treasure. Getting some of the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades is as simple as completing side quests, but there are plenty of them hidden in hard-to-reach chests that require you to visit the Street Fighter 6 World Tour characters and learn their moves. We highly recommend you get at least Chun-Li and Ken’s master arts before properly hunting down these stat buffs in Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour permanent upgrade locations

Most World Tour upgrade items are hidden throughout Metro City and Old Nayshall, several in hard-to-reach locations. Here are all the ones we’ve found so far:

The Metro City Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades locations, all highlighted with orange pins. There is one location with four upgrades.

Metro City – Chinatown Back Street

To find the Kick Booster, head into the alleyway where the Canaries hang out. Climb the ladder as if you were to speak to the leader in World Tour Chapter 3-1, but look for the gap on the railings. Drop down, then use a Spinning Bird Kick to glide to the other side of the alleyway. Make your way south until you reach the ladder. Climb up to the very top to open the chest.

Metro City – Beat Street Downtown

Around the corner from the Hangout, there’s a building with a ladder next to it. Climb the ladder to find a man dressed as a superhero. Climb the ladder ahead up to the top of the roof and open the nearby chest for a Punch Booster permanent upgrade.

Metro City – Downtown North Area

In the alley filled with Mad Gear thugs, the chest containing a Stamina Booster is far north next to a chain-link fence.  You need to enter the alley from the south on the road near the police station.

Metro City – Crow’s Nest

As you climb the Crow’s Nest, there’s a ladder with a sign saying “Danger: Construction Overhead” to its left. Look around the corner instead of climbing the ladder to see a goon sitting beside a chest. Glide across with a Spinning Bird Kick and open the chest for a Throw Booster.

Metro City – Urban Park Adventure Playground

Contains a Block Booster. From the northern gate, turn left and leap up to the platform with the flowers. Drop down and continue through the cave until you reach Father Andore. Turn right and climb up the structure ahead. Spinning Bird Kick to hover across the gap back towards Father Andore, then turn the corner. Glide across the gap to the left, and all the remaining gaps beyond that, until you reach the chest.

Metro City – SiRN building construction site

On the floor where you can find Ken, circle to where the stairs leading down are. There is a chest across the gap, which contains a Kick Booster.

Metro City – SiRN building R&D 3rd Floor

After taking the elevator, head downstairs until you reach the doorway to the third-floor server room. Keep going to find the chest with the Stamina Booster.

Metro City – SiRN building R&D 7th Floor

This one requires you to solve a math problem, which we have the solution for in our Street Fighter 6 SiRN code guide. You’ll get a Stamina Booster for doing so.

Metro City SiRN building Storage Area

This one requires you to get the level 4 SiRN key card. Go up the SiRN building as far as possible until you reach the elevator. Take it up to the 7th Floor R&D and climb down the stairs one floor before heading out into the main area with the robot enemies. From here, go downstairs until you get as far down as possible. There is a chest with the 4th Level access card. Head back to the 7th Floor R&D elevator, then head outside to where the crane is and access the other door. You’ll find a Stamina Booster and a Block Booster inside the chests, among other highly prized treasures.

The Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades locations for the Old Nayshall region, all shown with orange pins.

Old Nayshall – West District

From the hangout, climb the fenced-off generator until you get on top of the steel roof. Use a Spinning Bird Kick to sail over the locked gate to the west. The chest around the corner has a Throw Booster inside.

Old Nayshall – Lowlands River Bank Area

Close to the Pankration Arena, approach from the eastern side across the rooftops. The Block Booster is in a chest just above the Arena entrance.

Old Nayshall – East Alley

Opposite the alleyway where you can find Juri at night, climb up the building to find a chest with a Punch Booster inside.

Old Nayshall – The Lowlands Mountain Path Area

From the lowest level in the northeast corner of the map, use the Shoryuken to climb up the buildings until you reach a chest and a barrel. The chest contains an Arts Booster.

One of the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades locations in Mount Vashall, shown on the map with an orange pin.

Mount Vashal – Ruin Depths

During the side quest Whispers of the Mountain, you’ll get the objective to climb down the ladder toward the ruins. Defeat the guard and use a gliding move such as the Spinning Bird Kick to cross the gap to the right. Collect the treasure there, then head to the back wall and glide across that gap to find a cache with a tag. Go up the wall and cross the final gap towards the two chests. One contains an Arts Booster, and the other has a Kick Booster.

Barmaley Steelworks

Head to the far right of this area to open a chest and get the Stamina booster inside.

The player character, Oscar Hueman, is fighting a monk named Retsu outside of the Masters Building in order to get one of the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour mission rewards upgrades

You can get the following Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades by completing these optional missions:

  • Tour De Part-Time (Metro City): Block Booster
  • Monk Without A Cause (Metro City): Kick Booster
  • They Call Him Carlos Miyamoto (Metro City): Punch Booster
  • Crows of a Feather (Old Nayshall): Arts Booster
  • At the end of most tutorial missions that Ryan, Alice, and Tracy have for you both during the day and night in Metro City and Old Nayshall.

One of the Merchant Hawkers who sells Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades. This one is on Bathers Beach with some revellers.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades shops

Some of the upgrades are sold in shops around the world. Unfortunately, they’re all relatively expensive, and you can only buy one from each shop, so we recommend hunting for sellable items like bronze, silver, gold, and diamond nuggets to afford them.

  • Colosseo: Punch Booster (10,000 zenny)
  • Kings Street: Kick Booster (10,000 zenny)
  • Ranger’s Hut: Arts Booster (12,000 zenny)
  • Bathers Beach: Block Booster (15,000 zenny)
  • Genbu Temple: Block Booster (30,000 zenny)
  • Carrier Byron Taylor: Stamina Booster (30,000 zenny)
  • Thunderfoot Settlement: Throw Booster (12,000 zenny)
  • Fête Foraine: Stamina Booster (15,000 zenny)
  • Barmaley Steelworks: Throw Booster (25,000 zenny)
  • Dhalsimer Temple: Arts Booster (25,000 zenny)

Those are all the Street Fighter 6 World Tour upgrades we’ve found. With these, you should be able to pump up your character’s stats and complete even the most difficult of fights. We also have guides to help you with some problematic moments during the campaign, such as where to find the Canary Crate Gang boss in World Tour 3-2 and Thrasher in World Tour 4-1. Finally, if you’ve had your fill of the World Tour mode, head to the fighting hub and check out our Street Fighter 6 tier list to see how your favorite fighter fares compared to the rest of the roster.