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Street Fighter 6 Thrasher location

Enter the criminal underworld in World Tour by heading to Thrasher’s location in Street Fighter 6 to learn about Metro City’s Mad Gear Gang.

Trasher, the leader of the Mad Gear Gang, standing in front of a graffiti sign

Searching for Thrasher’s location in Street Fighter 6? World Tour takes players on a journey to save Bosch, your power-hungry rival who desperately wants to become stronger. Though your character is technically a good person, World Tour forces you to interact with a number of criminal gangs, including the Mad Gear Gang.

Thrasher is the leader of the Mad Gear Gang, the biggest crime syndicate in Metro City. While Thrasher and his crew tend to hang out in the same place in the fighting game, you may not be able to find them depending on the time of day. If you’re struggling to track down Thrasher in one of the best PC games, we have a quick guide on what you need to find him again.

Where is Thrasher in Street Fighter 6?

The day and night cycle isn’t just a nice visual effect in World Tour, it’s also a mechanic that can be used to talk to a different set of people in each location. In the case of Metro City, this means you have access to the police during the day and the criminal world during the night. During Chapter 4-1: The Mad Gear Gang of Metro City, you need to change the time of day multiple times during the quest chain.

The Mad Gear Gang, specifically Thrasher and his goons, are only available during the night. Head to the purple marker and climb both sets of stairs to find Thrasher. Speak with him and ask his goons for advice on where to find these threatening posters. You’re told to head to the Master’s Foundations building which contains a ripped poster and to the Skywalk Lane building.

Once you find the Skywalk Lane building with the poster attached to it, you’re told to bring it to Thrasher. Unfortunately, the game’s quest log doesn’t explain that you cannot speak to Thrasher unless you visit him at night. If you take a trip to Thrasher’s hang-out during the day, you won’t find anything except empty space.

That’s all you need to find Thrasher’s location in Street Fighter 6. There are other stumbling blocks in the game, such as the Canary Crate Gang boss location in Chapter 3-2 optional SiRN code puzzle in Chapter 13-4, so if you’re stuck, we have the guides to help you out. Also, make sure you take a look at our World Tour character locations guide to customize your avatar with your favorite move sets and the World Tour upgrades locations to permanently upgrade them. We also have a Street Fighter 6 tier list once you’re ready to challenge the best players across the world.