Street Fighter 6 wants to teach “the fun of fighting games”

As the Street Fighter 6 release date gets closer, Capcom has talked about how the fighting game will find a balance between new players and esports veterans.

Street Fighter 6 wants to teach "the fun of fighting games"

Street Fighter 6 is almost here, and the fighting game revamp is aiming to appeal to both new fans and single-player gamers in a big way. So if you’re anticipating the Street Fighter 6 release date, Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimoto has been talking about how the studio wants to cater to new fans, but still find that balance between them and the hardcore players, too.

Tsujimoto talks about Capcom’s concern over esports turning away potential new Street Fighter 6 players that might think “only professionals are participating” in the game’s online mode. This is where the new Yakuza-like Street Fighter 6 World Tour comes in, as it provides an in for less-experienced and new players.

“That’s why in Street Fighter 6, the game was designed with the idea that, instead of starting straight away with competitive play, you’ll first play a mode that you can enjoy even in single mode,” Tsujimoto explains. “From there you’ll learn about the fun of fighting games.”

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Capcom is walking a tightrope with the new Street Fighter though, as the studio has also built the game from the ground up as an esports title, from the pro leagues and their millions of dollars in prizes down to the community-focused Battle Hub in the game itself.

“Capcom is also focusing on esports,” Tsujimoto tells Famitsu. “Street Fighter 6 was developed from the beginning assuming that it would be as an esports game, so I expect it to be very exciting.”

I played the Street Fighter 6 demo, while we at PCGamesN also had a chance to dive into World Tour and the single-player content in our preview, and it’s an absolute blast. You can buy pizza to restore your health and then challenge the vendor to a street fight, buy the dumbest drip known to man, and execute some absolutely incredible combos while doing so.

While you wait for Street Fighter 6 we’ve got a breakdown of the biggest and best upcoming games for PC, alongside the best multiplayer games, which SF6 may be a part of when it launches.