Street Fighter 6 release date, leaks, and more

Find out everything there is to know about the Street Fighter 6 release date as we break down every new mechanic, game mode, and more

Street Fighter 6 release date: Ryu looking into the distance as a blue light shines on him

Want to learn more about the Street Fighter 6 release date? The next evolution of the Street Fighter series is almost here, focusing heavily on single-player elements to ensure there’s plenty of content for every level of fighter. Street Fighter 5 was heavily criticised at launch for its lack of playable content outside of versus mode and while this satisfied most high-level players, casual players found there was very little to keep them entertained.

Capcom has taken its time developing Street Fighter 6 to ensure they don’t repeat the same mistakes again. It features a brand new single-player story mode which gives players a chance to explore Metro City as a custom fighter. Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to become one of the best fighting games and potentially one of the best PC games overall. The Street Fighter 6 release date has been officially confirmed for Q2 2022.

Street Fighter 6 release date

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to release on June 2, 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The date was revealed at The Game Awards 2022.

Street Fighter 6 beta release date

The first Street Fighter 6 beta took place from October 7-10, and the second beta ran from December 16-19. The roster was limited to just eight characters, with the most recent addition being Ken.

The biggest change in the second beta is the option to reduce input delay for players using 120Hz displays, though Capcom says this option should effect people using 60Hz displays also. Aside from that, the stage and roster selection is exactly the same as before.

We fully expect to see another beta phase before the game ships in June, so stay tuned as Capcom may announce the dates for a third beta over the next few weeks. These betas are a great way for Capcom to examine how balanced the game is, and they’re able to see how good their net code is as players battle each other from different parts of the world.

Street Fighter 6 crossplay

Street Fighter 6 features crossplay between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If the past two beta periods are anything to go by, players have the option to disable cross-play in-game.

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Street Fighter 6 world tour mode

The Street Fighter 6 announcement trailer dropped at the beginning of June, showing off different locations within Metro City, including Abigail’s Scrap Yard, the underground subway system, and a local gym filled with fighters. World Tour mode gives players the chance to roam Metro City like it’s an open-world game.

Players start their journey at Buckler Security alongside your coach, Luke, as he signs you up for a basic training course. We also know players can customise the hooded character featured heavily in the trailer with different outfits from the Battle Hub.

At the end of the World Tour segment in the first trailer, the main character appears to get into a fight with a stranger, switching the perspective to the traditional battle view. The stranger also appears to be a custom character as they don’t have any of the general flourishes of a real character. Capcom says the World Tour mode is going to defy genre labels, which could mean we see some side-scrolling beat ’em-up action for the first time in the Street Fighter series.

We’ve also had official confirmation from the Capcom Twitter account that Street Fighter 6 does in fact take place after Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, making it the first game to progress the story in over 20 years.

Street Fighter 6 release date: Jamie attacking his opponent with a double palm attack at night

Street Fighter 6 battle hub

Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub is the main area where players engage and communicate with each other. This location was briefly shown off in the announcement trailer, and it looks like Capcom may be teasing a few surprising additions to the game. We also got a glimpse of the Body Shop, which appears to be an in-game store that gives players access to clothing for their avatars.

Players can walk inside the Battle Hub, and there appear to be stairs leading up to the ‘Game Center’ which houses the arcade cabinets. To add fuel to the fire, there are Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo cabinets on offer. It’s unclear how many Capcom games are going to be available to play, but it looks like these arcade titles aren’t just limited to Street Fighter games. Final Fight appears to be one of the games available in the Game Center, which incidentally also takes place in Metro City.

There’s also the ‘Event Counter’, an area dedicated to tournament play. Taking a closer look at the Event Counter logo reveals a tournament bracket with the names of new and returning Street Fighter characters. Head over to our Street Fighter 6 roster guide to discover which characters have been officially confirmed.

Street Fighter 6 modern control type

A first for the mainline series, the Modern Control Type makes it easy to play Street Fighter without having to learn combos and special moves. Instead of pressing multiple buttons to perform a special move, the modern control scheme simplifies this action to just a single button.

Using Ryu as an example, players can perform all four of his special moves by pressing one button alongside a directional input. The same thing also applies to Super Arts, except you need to press two buttons simultaneously. As for combos, players have access to four assisted combos performed by holding down a modifier and tapping a button.

There are some downsides to this control system, however. Players won’t have access to a character’s full range of tools if they use the modern control type, and it’s currently unknown how this system works with charge characters. It’s unlikely someone using this new control scheme can compete against high-level players using traditional controls.

Street Fighter 6 drive system

The Drive System in Street Fighter 6 reintroduces mechanics from previous Street Fighter games and ties them all together using a single gauge. Both fighters begin each round with their Drive Gauge filled with six Drive Stocks.

Players have access to five techniques using the Drive System in Street Fighter 6:

  • Drive Impact
  • Drive Parry
  • Drive Reversal
  • Drive Rush
  • Overdrive Art

Drive Impact

Perform a powerful strike that can absorb an opponent’s incoming attack. If you use Drive Impact on an opponent trapped in the corner, you can force your opponent into a wall splat state, even if they block the attack. Drive Impact costs one Drive Stock.

Drive Parry

Negate the damage of your opponent’s attacks and replenish some of your Drive Gauge when performed successfully. Time your Drive Parry right before an opponent’s attack lands to perform a Perfect Parry, creating a slow-down effect to land a punishing combo. Drive Parry continuously drains your Drive Gauge depending on how long you’re in the parry state.

Drive Reversal

While blocking an opponent’s attack, perform a Drive Reversal to execute a counterattack, pushing back the opponent while dealing a small amount of damage. Drive Reversal costs two Drive Stocks.

Drive Rush

Dash forward after a Drive Parry or cancelable normal attack to create devastating combos. Drive Rush from a Drive Parry costs one Drive Stock, but the same technique costs three Drive Stocks when performed from a normal attack.

Overdrive Art

Overdrive Art is similar to the EX Special Moves system used in the previous Street Fighter games. Press two of the same button type instead of one to execute a stronger version of a special move. Overdrive Art costs two Drive Stocks.

That’s everything you need to know about the Street Fighter 6 release date. If you’re looking for more great games, definitely check out our upcoming games list to discover something new. We also have a list of the best multiplayer games if you want something to scratch that competitive itch.