Street Fighter 6 Rashid battle pass gears up for his arrival

The Street Fighter 6 Rashid battle pass is here, pointing to an imminent reveal and release for the Capcom fighter's first DLC character.

July 6, 2023 – Rashid release date added.

Street Fighter 6 has another battle pass live, as the first of four DLC characters, Rashid, comes to the fighting game really soon. Capcom’s next bit of content for Street Fighter 6 has both free and premium tracks, so we’ve broken it all down alongside exactly when Rashid will be coming to the game.

The next Street Fighter 6 battle pass is here, as Capcom is gearing up to start introducing its DLC characters over the next year or so. This may also kick off the release of the Fighter Passes, with some being geared specifically to upcoming characters on the Street Fighter 6 roster.

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Arrives battle pass

With Rashid yet to come to Street Fighter 6, this new premium and free tier battle pass is gearing us all up for his arrival, as it’ll run from Tuesday, July 4 to Sunday, July 23, and is available for 250 Fighter Coins. Here’s what you get.

Street Fighter 6 Rashid battle pass gears up for his arrival

  • Five pieces of avatar gear
  • New photo border
  • Three music tracks
  • An emote
  • Titles
  • Device wallpaper
  • Five stickers
  • Classic Capcom game Hyper Dyne Side Arms

Street Fighter 6 Rashid release date

Rashid arrives in Street Fighter 6 on Monday July 24, 2023. Capcom confirms that the wind-wielding fighter will be here very soon. With Street Fighter 6 at Evo 2023 in August, it’ll be interesting to see if Rashid is front and center there.

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In a post on the PlayStation blog, Street Fighter 6 director Takayuki Nakayama reveals that, while Rashid retains most of his moveset from his Street Fighter 5 debut, he gets some additional acrobatic tricks. These include a new Arabian Cyclone special that can be transitioned into Rolling Assault and Wing Stroke (his SF5 V-Skills).

Rashid’s first V-Trigger move, which creates a large whirlwind that pushes in on his opponent, now takes the place of his level two super. He can also create air currents using moves like an OD Arabian Cyclone to “expand his neutral game, strings and combos,” giving you more options than ever to ride the winds to victory.

Street Fighter 6 Rashid battle pass gears up for his arrival

As for the other characters, Capcom has given us the rough outlines of when the other three DLC characters will be arriving.  A.K.I is set for autumn 2023, Ed for winter 2024, and last up is Akuma in spring of 2024 as well. Hopefully, these DLC characters become popular because as of right now the most popular Street Fighter 6 character is the one we all hate.

If you want to get to grips with even more characters ahead of Rashid’s imminent arrival, we’ve got the essential Street Fighter 6 tier list and everything you need to know about a Street Fighter 6 Game Pass launch.